Trust Enablement Weekly Round-Up (April 26th, 2023)

Trust Enablement每周综述Trust Enablement每周综述是我们的时事通讯,分享所有进入市场类别中引起我们注意的伟大故事。

-John Moore

The Godfather of Enablement

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Contact us if you are hiring for full-time, consulting, or fractional enablement positions. 我们有几十名赋能专业人员在我们的 免费求职者计划 who are skilled, outcome-focused, and ready to help your business grow.  Our rates are the lowest in the industry to ensure we get people back to work — and waived for hiring managers supporting our job seeker program.

And, if you are an out-of-work enablement professional, join our 免费求职者计划. We are here to help you find your next job.


审查我们的 销售促进的终极指南 以提高你的赋能计划的水平。

  • If you are confused about cross-selling and upselling and looking for tips to improve efforts — 阅读此文.


准备好对你的赋能和你自己作为一个赋能者的感觉了吗? 请看 为销售促进专业人员提供辅导 — it’s designed just for you, with support for options like:

  • Highly personalized job seeker support, including personal mission discovery, resume building, interview skills, etc.
  • Leadership development
  • Architecting your Enablement program
  • And more…

Trust Enablement直接或通过可信顾问网络(零星和全职)提供世界级的咨询服务。  联系我们以了解更多信息.  We can help with many go-to-market activities, including:

  • Sales Enablement Team Audit
  • Building and Handing off your Sales Enablement Team
  • Mentoring your team
  • Compliance-related enablement (GDPR, etc.)
  • Cadences and messaging for your sales teams
  • Content (training and other types) for your go-to-market team
  • And more…  Have a need? Reach out.