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Are you an Enablement or Customer Success Professional?

Do you struggle to get leadership, your peers in other teams, or customers to understand the value you bring to them and the business?

Is this negatively impacting your career? Your Job Performance?

It’s time to make storytelling your superpower and watch your career soar!

Most enablement and customer success professionals struggle to share their success stories effectively. Talking about business impact is a struggle.

This leads to lower budgets and headcounts, lack of promotions, evaporating creditability, and missed job opportunities. And sometimes, lost deals, lost customers, and lost jobs.

This workshop and coaching program will give you the skills you need for:

  • Meetings with your leadership and with peers across the organization
  • Building presentations
  • Quarterly Business Reviews and other customer interactions
  • Your LinkedIn profile and resume
  • And far more…
If you only make one investment in yourself, this is the one to make right now.
What’s Included?
  • A one-hour workshop (details below).
  • Access to our private community, where you will receive offline lifetime support to review future stories and progress.

During the workshop, you will:

  • Uncover your key differentiators
  • Quantify the revenue impact of a past project
  • Be given a framework to discuss your projects in an impactful, metrics-forward manner that will wow individual contributors, leaders, and customers!
  • And these stories can be told easily in no more than 2 minutes.  Brief, easy to understand, and with impact.

And you will leave with a structured document you can use to shape all your critical conversations.

This skill will transform your career!

Are You Ready?


“This was a workshop to help me become better at telling my 3 best success stories during an interview. Full transparency, I needed John’s help! I’m guilty of being a bit verbose from time to time, but more so, I’ve always struggled with how I package 30+ years of sales, training and coaching successes into a 2-minute commercial that keeps the interviewer engaged and interested.

There were so many impressive moments in my time with John, one that I noticed right away because it’s a pet peeve of mine throughout society is John’s complete focus on me. John was in the moment. He came to the call prepared. He took the time to hear the long version of successes in my career, BEFORE, we paired them down succinctly into my 3 best projects.

John was an active listener. John summarized what I said. The questions he asked were thought provoking. He was focused on me the entire time, no distractions. John was also taking notes real-time on a Google document outline he prepared in advance. I loved the outline. It keyed in on a format that resonates with every c-level executive conducting an interview; tell me the problem (preferably in dollars and cents 😉), tell me what you did to address the problem, and what were the positive outcomes.

John helped me to tighten up my stories. His approach, time, energy and coaching throughout the entire process were a game-changer for me; no embellishment. This was 1 hour of complete focus on helping me. I feel confident moving forward that I can tell my 3 best success stories to any c-level executive in a way that will respect their time and give them the information they need to make a good hiring decision. Having a forum like this workshop with John to be myself, to be vulnerable and think out loud with an expert was so healthy, helpful and enriching. A sincere thank you, John! I’m so grateful to you.”

Keith Lentz

John’s approach to the storytelling workshop was really helpful. He has a personalized approach by encouraging you to practice in your own voice. He gave great feedback on areas of improvement like including achievements and metrics, and coaching on how to speak to the impact you made and incorporating that into your story. 

-Alyson Thompson

I had a fantastic one-on-one session in the Trust Enablement Storytelling Workshop – highly recommend it!  John helped me take my diverse background and experiences and package them into compelling stories that can be easily targeted for a range of audiences, whether it’s sales leaders, enablement peers, marketing, or sales ops. Plus, it’s given me an extra boost of confidence needed ahead of interviews.

Ann Whittington

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