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Expert Software Selection Services From The Pros



  • 每个供应商的每份招标书答复听起来都很完美。
  • 每个供应商都愿意与你合作以满足你的需求
  • 然后你做演示,不确定有多少是发布的产品与滑动软件。

为什么是Trust Enablement?

我们的创始人拥有超过30年的行业经验,并一直是我们的驱动力。 认证的技术栈.

We map the landscape by company size, industry, and use case, and we can help you make the right choice.




填写下面的表格,开始办理。 请让我们知道以下信息。

  • 你想解决什么问题?
  • 你已经考虑过哪些供应商?
  • 你的企业名称,如果从电子邮件中看不出来的话。

We will respond quickly, setting up a brief meeting to clarify your needs.

  • (Expert Analysis) $2,500 to capture requirements and provide recommendations
  • (Full Evaluation) $10,000 for a complete software evaluation.

A $1,000 initial payment is required to begin the process.

Evaluation Process

Once payment is received, we:

  • Meet with key stakeholders in your business (can be handled by email, phone, or live meeting).
  • Create a brief requirements document to ensure we are aligned.
  • Once the requirements document is approved, Trust Enablement reviews our certified tech stack, reaches out to additional vendors where required, and provides recommendations to meet your requirements. (The $2,500 option covers these steps)
  • If desired, we can set up vendor sessions with your buying committee to assist in evaluating. (this is the $10,000 option)
  • Suppose you want to engage with Trust Enablement to assist with the change management process associated with deploying new solutions. In that case, we can discuss this as a custom solution following the evaluation process.

You may also want to review our buying guide.

注意: Small business owners and startups who have not yet received their A financing round receive a 50% discount on these services.