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  • 作者:Akshaya Srikanth
    Customer service is crucial to the success of a business. If you’re new to the concept of customer service or just want to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends, we’ve got you covered.   What is customer service? Customer service refers to the support, solutions, and advice you provide to your customers… […]
  • 作者:Varnika Om
    What is the most important thing you can do to reduce churn and increase word-of-mouth referrals? The answer is obvious, but it’s often overlooked: improve your customer service. No matter how awesome you think your product is, or how skilled your customer support team is, your customers are most likely to remember the direct interaction… […]
  • 作者:Varnika Om
    Helpdesk software is designed to streamline customer conversations from across channels into one view, keep track of service requests, and resolve customer issues efficiently. Hence, it’s important to choose the right helpdesk software and implement best practices to make the most of your investment. With helpdesk software, it becomes easier to delight your customers and… […]
  • 作者:Varnika Om
    衡量你的净促销员分数(NPS)是衡量客户满意度的最有效方法。NPS可以追溯到2003年,当时贝恩公司的合伙人Fred Reichheld提出了一种新的方法来衡量客户对你提供的产品和服务的满意程度。如果你对NPS不熟悉,本指南将... [...] 。
  • 作者:Rohit Viswanathan
    What is customer service management? At a conference in 1997, Steve Jobs famously replied to a provocative question from an audience member about the company’s strategy at the time: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology—not the other way around.“ Today, many companies have forgotten that the essence… […]
  • 作者:Krishna Charan
    Every growing customer support team needs a standardized customer service process. Without proper guidelines in place, your agents would be left in the dark, not knowing how to approach an issue, leading to duplication in effort and a delayed response time for customers. While using a ticketing system can help automate certain actions, it is… […]
  • 作者:Varnika Om
    The pandemic redefined retail shopping throughout the world. According to McKinsey, customers made more online purchases and embraced modes such as curbside pickup, online pickup in the store, and self-checkout. Furthermore, those changes have persisted even as the world has opened back up. Around 70% of people who were new to self-checkout in 2020 say… […]
  • 作者:Ida Jessie Sagina
    There are many moving parts in play when trying to explain, let alone execute, an exceptional customer experience. It truly takes a village and a good customer experience strategy to get things done effectively.  Staying on top of your CX strategy is vital as customer behavior and digital channels of engagement continue to change how… […]





  • 无限的代理
  • 电子邮件和社交票务 
  •  票务调度 
  •  知识库 
  •  票务趋势报告 
  •  数据中心位置 
  •  团队合作


  • $15/用户/月
  • 自动化 
  •  碰撞检测 
  •  市场应用 
  •  服务台报告 
  •  服务水平协议和业务时间 
  •  自定义电子邮件服务器
  •  自定义票据视图
  •  票据字段和状态
  •  自定义SSL
  •  客户领域
  •  时间表总结报告
  •  时间跟踪


  • $49/用户/月
  •  循环路由 
  •  自定义角色 
  •  自定义报告和仪表板 
  •  客户分类 
  •  知识库中的版本 
  •  多个产品(最多 5 个) 
  •  包括多达5000个合作者 
  •  可扩展的API限制
  •  CSAT调查和报告
  •  多种服务水平协议和营业时间
  •  SLA提醒和升级
  •  多语言知识库
  •  自定义应用程序
  •  平均处理时间(AHT)



  • $79/用户/月
  • 基于技能的路线选择 
  •  沙盒 
  •  审计日志 
  •  知识库审批工作流程 跟踪、审查、批准和发布知识库文章。
  •  代理人的转变 
  •  IP范围限制 
  •  电子邮件机器人  弗雷迪
  •  包括5000个机器人会话/月 
  •  辅助机器人  弗雷迪
  •  自动转诊  弗雷迪
  •  文章建议者  弗雷迪
  •  机器人协助  弗雷迪
  •  罐装回复建议器  弗雷迪
  •  多种产品(不限)。
  •  社会信号