Trustee Software Awards – First Half, 2022

The Trustee Software Awards

The Trustee Software Awards are meant to raise awareness of outstanding go-to-market-related tools from companies you may not yet be considering — but should be.

Each of these tools has been evaluated by our teams and included on our Certified Technology Stack.

Let’s dive into the winners.

Trustee Software Award – Business Amplification

The Business Amplification Trustee Software Award is given to a software product that, when used effectively, can raise the performance of all individuals, managers, and teams.

e4enable is the first winner ever in this award category!

e4enable is NOT a replacement for any existing technology in your business today.

It is the glue that brings your sales training and coaching solutions, LMS systems, and content systems into focus for all members of the organization, finally allowing you to deliver predictable and measurable positive outcomes from these investments.

Connect with the e4enable team today to learn more.

Trustee Software Award – Communication Effectiveness

The Communication Effectiveness Trustee Software Award is given to the software tool that every single go-to-market team member should own a copy of to ensure improved communication across individuals and teams.

Loom is the first-ever winner in this category!

Loom is a video communication solution that is easy to use and comes with a free plan that will work for most of your employees.

Everyone should use the tool to replace emails more protracted than a couple of paragraphs, demonstrate solutions, and put a face to any conversation between two humans where confusion could arise from written text alone.

Download Loom today to deliver more effective communication internally and externally.

Trustee Software Award – Innovation in Marketing

The Innovation in Marketing Trustee Software Award goes to a solution delivering much-needed innovation to areas that have previously required far more manual effort to get results, now bringing the strategies or tactics into the reach of companies of all sizes.

We could not decide between two solutions, so this first-time award is being split. and Hyperise are both winners of the Innovation in Marketing Trustee Software Award! brings the power of AI to the time-consuming A/B testing efforts associated with generating creative ad alternatives. With a handful of keypresses, marketing teams have dozens of other options to consider for testing.

Hyperise puts personalization directly into the hands of the marketing teams, no more needing to bake it into your web-based, SaaS solutions. Your engineering teams drop in a single JavaScript snippet, and teams can now use a Chrome extension to add customization to any page on their website easily.

Check out and Hyperise. Both have a free trial and are worth your time evaluating.

Trustee Software Award – Innovation in Sales

Similar to the marketing award, our Innovation in Sales Trustee Software Award goes to a technology that is reducing manual efforts for sales and enablement organizations while also delivering amazing results for those teams.

Data Dwell is the winner of our Innovation in Sales Trustee Software Award.

The Data Dwell team continues to deliver incredible innovation in a space often filled with more promises than results.  Delivering meaningful information to customer-facing teams, and customers, in a way that you can measure the impact of your efforts, increase sales, and prove an ROI to your executive team.

Check out Data Dwell today.

Trustee Software Award – Most Improved

We have spent a lot of time evaluating various software tools, and we are not always excited by the solutions.  The Most Improved Trustee Software Award goes to the tool that has delivered the most impressive improvements.

Wiza is the first-ever winner in this category.

When we first evaluated Wiza in Q1 of 2022, we were happy with the limited functionality it delivered for uncovered lead data.  But, in Q2 of 2022, the team delivered major updates that made it a Must Consider buy for any SDR/BDR team who does the majority of their prospecting on LinkedIn.

Check out Wiza.

Trustee Software Awards – What’s Next

We will be adding additional award categories next quarter as we continue to dive deeper into technologies that support the best practices, strategies, and tips of successful go-to-market teams.

Let us know if we should be considering your solution in the coming quarter.

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