Trust Enablement Weekly Round-Up (September 14, 2022)

The Trust Enablement Weekly RoundupThe Trust Enablement Weekly Roundup is our newsletter, sharing the great stories that have caught our attention across all go-to-market categories.

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The Trust Enablement Summit Conference Series

For only $50, you can learn, collaborate, engage, and interact with some of the best in the world — why wouldn’t you?

We are thrilled by the types of sessions we are delivering (interactive, filled with best practices and practical tips), the cost ($50/ticket), and the fact that many of the speakers are not the ones you hear at every other conference (unique viewpoints).


Go-To-Market Overall
Jobs and Hiring
Sales Enablement

To get the most out of all of those amazing systems you’ve purchased, appoint a talented, hungry line individual contributor to own keeping them updated: cadences, conversational intelligence libraries, scorecards, etc. They are closer to what good looks like, and it’s a great stretch role for them and helps give you some extra human capital and perspective.” – See more great insights in our Ultimate Guide to sales enablement.

New Tool Spotlight
  • We had a fantastic conversation with Bitskout founder Ilia Zelenkin, about his tool focused on saving operations teams time by automating with self-learning AI, done quickly and inexpensively.  This tool is ideal for companies:
    • Smaller than 100 in size.
    • Before your B-round of financing (if a startup), as after this point may want a more comprehensive solution.
The Academy (Courses)

Our year-long journey into the world of Enablement continues with session number 8, enablement metrics.

See you later today, Wednesday, September 8th.  As always, the on-demand version of our sessions can all be found in the Academy.

Deals and Discounts
  • The number of Trust Enablement Deals is growing and includes savings on BambooHR, Cloudways, DotCal, and Plutio.