Trust Enablement Weekly Round-Up (June 29, 2022)

The Trust Enablement Weekly Roundup

The Trust Enablement Weekly Roundup is our newsletter, sharing the great stories that have caught all of our attention, across all go-to-market categories.

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  • This article on using the JOLT method to reduce buyer indecision is excellent.  If you are in any sales or related role, worth the read, Matthew Dixon and Ted McKenna have solid ideas for you to leverage.
  • Fiona O’Connor, at TechTarget, has a interesting looking series of articles around ABM Engagement, with Part 1 out yesterday.  Smart content worth your time.

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  • (July 13th) A focus on Enablement careers with David Lichtman at the next Boston SES in-person event.
    • Details to be announced soon.
Jobs Openings
  • Nothing new to share.
Trust Enablement Highlights
Deals and Discounts
  • The number of Trust Enablement Deals is growing and includes savings on BambooHR, Cloudways, DotCal, and Plutio.

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