Trust Enablement Weekly Round-Up (July 20, 2022)

The Trust Enablement Weekly RoundupThe Trust Enablement Weekly Roundup is our newsletter, sharing the great stories that have caught all of our attention, across all go-to-market categories.

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  • Into Sales/Revenue enablement?  You have to check out the awesome work Felix and Devon are doing on This Month in Sales Enablement.  These two people get the space and are doing an amazing job!
The Academy

Today, we launch our one-year long Enablement program to educate and support less experience enablement professionals to learn the ropes of enablement.

And it’s free.  Those wanting to participate live can register for our first session before 1 PM ET on the 20th.

And yes, we will offer an offline version, with full workshop support, for those who cannot join live.  More on this soon.

Deals and Discounts
  • The number of Trust Enablement Deals is growing and includes savings on BambooHR, Cloudways, DotCal, and Plutio.

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