Trust Enablement Summit – Europe and Africa – Q4 2022

The Trust Enablement Summit - Your Global Enablement Workshop Series

Welcome to the Inaugural Virtual Trust Enablement Summit In Europe and Africa!

Raising the profession, one human at a time.

The Global Enablement Workshop Series

Why Attend?

There is no theory, just sessions, workshops, and roundtables about real challenges and solutions.

This will be the most interactive virtual event you have ever attended.

Global and time-zone friendly:  Americas: October 25th EST (GMT-4); Europe/Africa October 26th CET (GMT+2); APAC October 27th AET (GMT+10)

Affordable with clear ROI.  Tickets are JUST $50!

Diversity and Inclusivity. Different faces and voices are represented.

This will not be your grandparent’s sales enablement conference.

Note: Sessions will only be delivered in the English language.  

Note:  Recorded sessions will be available to attendees through a private portal.  We are still determining which sessions will be recorded.


Speakers will be added from now through the end of September 2022.

Britta Lorenz
Partner – Sales Enablement
Sharon Ehrlich
Sharon Ehrlich
Global Sales Enablement Director
Mariana Gastaldello
Ricardo Head of Business Training and Development, GBS METAP
Sibusiso Msomi Managing Director
Malvina EL-Sayegh
Director of Sales Enablement
Georgia Watson
Georgia Watson
Sales Enablement Leader
Rebecca Bell
Rebecca Bell
Director and Team Lead
Dagmar Eisenbach
Director Sales Enablement Central Europe
Alistair Davis
Managing Director and Chief Speaking Officer
Nausheen I. Chen
Nausheen I. Chen
Leadership Communication Coach
NK Chari
Ben Purton
Director – International Enablement
Florian Gottschall
GTM Enablement Manager
Lawrence Wayne O'Connor
Lawrence Wayne O’Connor
Senior Sales Enablement Team Lead


Sessions will be added from now through the end of September 2022.

8:45 AM CET

Trust Enablement Founder, John Moore, will kick off the conference

9:00 AM CET

Our keynote speaker, Britta Lorenz, will discuss the importance of a human-centric approach to sales enablement.

Our speaker will share insights for approximately 15-20 minutes, followed by breakout sessions and robust Q&A with the audience.

10:00 AM CET
Round Table Coaching for Performance

Are your coaching programs delivering results?

Sharon Ehrlich will lead and facilitate a great conversation on the topic of coaching for performance.

Design Thinking & Innovation in Sales Enablement

Georgia Watson will lead this critical session on design thinking and other innovative solutions that enablement teams should add to their efforts..

11:00 AM CET

Ubuntu: The Bedrock of Sales Enablement.

In essence, for sales enablement to work in an organization, we need to realize that each step we take must benefit not only one individual or department but the whole ecosystem.

Sibusiso Msomi will lead and facilitate a great conversation on the topic.

Vlogging Sales Enablement

Florian Gottschall will lead a workshop on using video in enablement programs, best practices, tips, and examples of video content that moves the needle.

Training Your Teams On In-Person Speaking And Delivery Skills

Nausheen I. Chen will lead an engaging workshop to help enablement professionals train teams on in-person speaking and delivery skills, what to look out for in terms of the fundamental strengths and opportunity areas etc.

Starting Enablement When The Rocket Ship Is Already Taking Off

Lawrence Wayne O’Connor will share what it’s like to join a business that is already thriving and start a successful sales enablement program to support and amplify its growth.

The role of enablement in an economic downturn

Malvina EL-Sayegh will lead this session.

Sales readiness from B2B2C context

NK Chari will cover this topic.

The last mile ( ie, DSRs, Retail sales, sales Promoters, showroom sales reps, Medical sales reps) are mostly outside the direct sales organization, and they are the ones who engage with the consumers who are selecting the product. How do you ensure a high level of readiness so that the customer experience is outstanding and the sales rep becomes a real sales advisor who is trusted.

Building a solid culture keeping D&I in mind

Mariana Gastaldello Ricardo will lead this session. More details coming soon.

Getting Buy-in From America

Ben Purton may actually run the largest sales enablement organization in Europe–and he does so via strong relationships and working arrangements between the American and international teams.

Stop in as Ben shares his keys for getting buy-in from America, and engages with the audience in a deep conversation to answer their questions and help them be more successful working with their peers in America.

Panel: How to be accountable and what to focus on to deliver productivity.

Rebecca Bell will lead this panel. More details coming soon.

The power of your voice-how to present and negotiate effectively

Alistair Davis will take you through the six components of your voice and teach you how to use each component to achieve your objectives.

The Enablement Learning Circle

A unique approach to sessions focused on interaction, sharing, and learning, will be led by Dagmar Eisenbach.

Prepare to learn and share in ways you haven’t done before.


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