Trust Enablement Summit – APAC – Q4 2022

The Trust Enablement Summit - Your Global Enablement Workshop Series

Welcome to the Inaugural Virtual Trust Enablement Summit In APAC!

Raising the profession, one human at a time.

The Global Enablement Workshop Series

Why Attend?

There is no theory, just sessions, workshops, and roundtables about real challenges and solutions.

This will be the most interactive virtual event you have ever attended.

Global and time-zone friendly:  Americas: October 25th EST (GMT-4); Europe/Africa October 26th CET (GMT+2); APAC October 27th AET (GMT+10)

Affordable with clear ROI.  Tickets are JUST $50!

Diversity and Inclusivity. Different faces and voices are represented.

This will not be your grandparent’s sales enablement conference.

Note: Sessions will only be delivered in the English language.  

Note:  Recorded sessions will be available to attendees through a private portal.  We are still determining which sessions will be recorded.


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Speakers will be added from now through the end of September 2022.

Felix Krueger
Founder and CEO of FFWD, Podcaster

Damien Pigott
Global Sales Productivity Manager JAPAC
Georgia Watson
Georgia Watson
Sales Enablement Leader


Sessions will be added from now through the end of September 2022.

9:45 AM AET

Trust Enablement Founder, John Moore, will kick off the conference

10:00 AM AET

Our keynote speaker, Felix Krueger, will discuss the state of sales enablement and then address the challenges enablers face in the APAC region.

Our speaker will share insights for approximately 30 minutes, followed by plenty of time for robust Q&A with the audience.

11:00 AM AET

Panel – Mental Health And Well-Being For Go-To-Market Teams
Stress is impacting your teams — what can be done?

Damien Pigott, and other panelists, TBD, will discuss this topic and share their thoughts.  Audience participation will be encouraged.

Noon AET
Design Thinking & Innovation in Sales Enablement

Georgia Watson will lead this critical session on design thinking and other innovative solutions that enablement teams should add to their efforts.


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