Trust Enablement Summit – Americas – Q4 2022

The Trust Enablement Summit - Your Global Enablement Workshop Series

Welcome to the Inaugural Virtual Trust Enablement Summit In The Americas!

October 25th 9:45 AM ET – 5 PM ET (GMT-4)

Raising the profession, one human at a time.

The Global Enablement Workshop Series

Why Attend?

There is no theory, just sessions, workshops, and roundtables about real challenges and solutions.

This will be the most interactive virtual event you have ever attended.

Global and time-zone friendly:  Americas: October 25th EST (GMT-4); Europe/Africa October 26th CET (GMT+2); APAC October 27th AET (GMT+10)

Affordable with clear ROI.  Tickets are JUST $50!

Diversity and Inclusivity. Different faces and voices are represented.

This will not be your grandparent’s sales enablement conference.

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Note: Sessions will only be delivered in the English language.  

Note:  Recorded sessions will be available to attendees through a private portal.  We are still determining which sessions will be recorded.


Speakers will be added from now through the end of September 2022.

John Moore, Founder of Trust Enablement
John Moore The Collaborator 8211 Founder Trust Enablement
Shorey Russell
Director of Partner Enablement
Petek Hawkins
Petek Hawkins
Head of Enablement

Tamala Hill
Sales Enablement Specialist
Shannon Hempel, M.Ed
Shannon Hempel, M.Ed
Director, Sales Enablement
Adriana Romero
Sales Manager Productivity
Nick Saunders
Senior Director of Go-to-Market Enablement
Amy Levine
Business Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator
Dennis Martz
Sr Director 8211 Enterprise Sales North America
Revenue and Sales Enablement Interview Tips
Dave Litchtman Founder and CEO
Thiago Meira
Sales Enablement Manager 8211 LATAM
Devon McDermott
Head of Enablement
Bob Lucas
Sr Manager, Global Enablement and Onboarding
Sara Dee
Sales Enablement Manager
Crystal Nikosey
Customer Enablement Lead
Gayle Charach
Global Head of Sales Enablement
Joe Corcione
Joe Corcione
Partner Manager at Trainual
Mariana Gastaldello
Ricardo Head of Business Training and Development, GBS METAP
Ron Elliott
Amanda Yanushefski Revenue Enablement Manager
Shauna MacNeil, BEng, MSc Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement
Emmanuel Beaufils
Sales Enablement Lead
Candace Dougan
Customer Success Enablement
Andrew Shapiro
CX Enablement Manager
Amanda Maddox
Director of Revenue Enablement
Katie Williams
Revenue Enablement Lead
Nicole Olson
Sales Enablement Specialist
Daryl Spreiter
Senior Director of Sales Enablement
Taylor Vincent
Senior Sales Enablement Manager
Nieka Mamczak
Senior Manager Enablement, Customer Success
Women in Sales Enablement (WiSE)
Rana Salman, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Kristen McCrae McMullan Global Enablement Team Leader
Allison Sword
Senior Revenue Enablement Manager
J. Leigh Koritke, MBA Senior Director of Revenue Enablement
Vanessa Metcalf
VP of Revenue Effectiveness
Del Nakhi
Director Global Revenue Enablement
Paola Londono
Sales Enablement Operations Lead
Nadia Belkziz
Revenue Enablement Manager
Caitlin (Izzo) Litscher
Global Sales Enablement
Ian Gwynne
Technology Enablement Architect
Brooke Coletti
Sr Partner Enablement Manager
Catherine Phan
Director of Sales Enablement
Nina Sandy
Wendy Bissonnette
Lisa Bobb-Semple, MBA
Manager, Sales Enablement and Communications
Bill Langebartels
Sr Sales Enablement Specialist

Evan L. Baylis
Sales Enablement Specialist
Sherban Naum
Regional VP, EMEA / VP, US Federal
Sergio Segal
Founder and Consultant


Sessions will be added from now through the end of September 2022.

9:00 AM ET

Trust Enablement Founder, John Moore, will kick off the conference.

John Moore and a merry band of enablement professionals will start the conference with a brief look at the current state of enablement, spending no more than 10-15 minutes.

From there, we will split out into breakout rooms to explore where enablement is headed — 15 minutes.

Each breakout will return to the main stage to share their thoughts, interacting with John and the rest of the audience.

Enablement is a team sport. Let’s explore it together.

10:00 AM ET

Performance Under Pressure
Adriana Romero will walk through the aspects of the red-blue model, created by Dr Ceri Evans, helping you gain emotional control when you need it most.
Fix Content Credibility and Revenue Impact.

Content is King; it can make or break a deal and trust. However, it is facing a multifaceted crisis, “fact-based and credibility 101 requirements remain open issues,” “sales reps’ lack confidence,” “narrow adoption and revenue impact,” “offer something new to hyper-informed clients” and “content never used,” to mention a few.

Mature formal methodologies globally deployed are now available to create credible content that fixes sales reps’ confidence and adoption.

Competitive content can now be presented to clients visually – with instant messages proof, and not more confined to Battlecards for internal use, implying messages are transmitted verbally, resulting in limited credibility and impact.

Credible client presentations open new horizons, refine storylines educate clients, reshape their vendor selection reasons, and get competitors discarded – usually in one session; the session will exhibit real-life examples. Clients are thankful for making more informed and savvy decisions; sales reps love it. The thinking and operational tools to achieve these results fundamentally differ from conventional practices.

The session will close with a list of fifteen Paradigm Changes.

11:00 AM ET

Roundtables, panels, workshops, and additional sessions will occur from here forward.

Launching Enablement
Sara D will tackle this subject from their viewpoints and either lead breakouts or group conversations with the audience (depending on attendance).
Walking the Talk
Gayle Charach and Sherban Naum will discuss using your organization’s sales methodology on your internal clients to model the behavior you expect from them.  She will lead breakouts or group conversations with the audience (depending on attendance).
Sales Enablement in Government

Lisa Bobb-Semple, MBA, Bill Langebartels, and Evan L. Baylis will share their insights on running enablement inside the government, sharing lessons learned that apply to the public and private sectors.

12:00 PM ET

Enablement Leadership – How Personality Styles Impact Your Approach
Shannon Hempel, M.Ed, brings her rich Enablement experience, coaching experience, and DISC certification to this critical topic.  

One attendee will win a free DISC assessment, full report, and debrief (a $175 value)

What is Partner Enablement?

A panel of channel partner enablement professionals will share their perspectives, insights, and best practices on what it takes to make partner enablement work.

John Moore, our moderator, will join Shorey Russell, Bob Lucas, and Brooke Coletti as they share their stories and insights.

What’s Happening in Enablement Job Hunting Now

You will hear from a group of people discussing the state of job hunting for enablement jobs (Ron Elliott, Nina Sandy, and Wendy Bissonnette) about the experience, the common questions, the role-playing, and other challenges they are encountering.

Learn, and practice how to handle some of the common challenges.

Build Your 2023 Personal Board of Directors

Amy Levine will lead this workshop to help you identify your goals and the people you need on your personal board of directors to help you achieve them in 2023.

1:00 PM ET

Enablement at scale: Supporting more than 1000 sellers

Shauna MacNeil and Emmanuel Beaufils will share how they are enabling this large number of sellers in an impactful manner.

Growing and Scaling – People and Teams
Nick Saunders and his team members (Paola Londono, Nadia Belkziz, Caitlin (Izzo) Litscher, and Ian Gwynne) will explore this from an entire team perspective.

2:00 PM ET

Enablement – In Person vs Virtual
Thiago Meira (and potentially others) will explore differences and opportunities between the various modalities; He will then lead breakouts or group conversations with the audience (depending on attendance).
Enablement Specialist Insights

We often lose sight of our junior enablement specialists’ great perspective about our approaches, their needs, and more.  This panel of specialists will share their views in an interactive-style conversation.

Moderated by Daryl Spreiter, Tamala Hill, Katie Williams, and Nicole Olson will share their insights on this vital position.

Getting Leadership Engaged

Crystal Nikosey, Del Nakhi, and Dennis Martz will join us to discuss the importance of, and tips for, getting your sales leaders involved in your enablement programs.  She will then lead breakouts or group conversations (depending on attendance).

(Vendor Session) How to Scale Your Sales Team Through Powerful Training and Onboarding

Joe Corcione, Partner Manager at Trainual, a Platinum Sponsor, will deliver a great session on this topic.

What are the most powerful keys to scaling a sales team that’ll explode your revenue growth? Training and retaining an all-star sales team of course! But assigning your sales team a Google Doc of your sales script or conducting in-person training sessions that they’ll probably forget isn’t the best way.

That’s why in this session, we’ll teach you the proven ways to get your sales team up to speed quickly, give them an incredible training experience, and create high performers that consistently hit quota; all without you having to take time away from running the business!

3:00 PM ET

Nailing the Interview – Telling Great Enablement Stories
Dave Lichtman will take you through this interactive workshop on telling great enablement stories, specifically about nailing that next job interview.  The format will be:

10-15m of speaker insights

20-30 of breakout where people share their enablement stories with others in the breakout and get critiqued and coached by fellow attendees

Remainder, breakout groups return and share thoughts on what they learned.

WiSE Fireside Chat – What It’s Actually Like to Be a Woman in Enablement

Shannon Hempel, M.Ed, Allison Sword, Leigh Koritke, Kristen McCrae McMullan, and Rana Salman, Ph.D., will engage in an interactive and insightful conversation about this critical topic.

Onboarding Tips, Tricks, and Feedback

Amanda Yanushefski will share best practices and tips that are working right now and guide breakout sessions where you can get feedback from peers on how to make improvements to your own.  The format will be;

10-15m of speaker insights

20-30m of breakout where people share what they are doing for onboarding, and get feedback, guidance, and coaching from their peers in the breakout room.

Remainder, breakout groups return and share thoughts on what they learned.

4:00 PM ET

Scoping an Enablement Function in the Tech Start-up Space
Devon McDermott and Taylor Vincent will discuss organizational design, strategy, hiring, and more in this session.  They will lead breakouts or group conversations with the audience (depending on attendance).
What is Customer Success Enablement?

A panel of customer success enablement professionals will share their perspectives, insights, and best practices on what it takes to make customer success enablement work.

Vanessa Metcalf, our moderator, will join Candace Dougan, Nieka Mamczak, and Andrew Shapiro as they share their stories and insights on CS Enablement.

Telling the Right Story to Get The Resources You Need
Petek Hawkins and Catherine Phan will take you through this interactive workshop on telling great enablement stories to obtain the necessary resources to succeed in your job.

5:00 PM ET

The Metrics Workshop

John Moore will spend 10-15 minutes providing an overview of leading and lagging indicators, metrics, and KPIs.

During the rest of the session, we will share how to break down your program into the appropriate metrics for business value and to build alignment throughout the business.

6:00 PM ET

The Tech Stack Workshop

John Moore will share an overview of the current tech stack landscape, key categories, and emerging solutions.

After that, John and the audience will partner to identify potential solutions to audience tech stack questions and challenges.


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