Tribe Community Platform – What You Need To Know (July 2022)

Tribe is a community building SaaS software solution, ideal for brand-related conversations, knowledge sharing, and awareness.

Who Uses Tribe?


Who uses Tribe?


Walking Through Tribe

Tribe is very easy to use and learn.  You will be navigating the interface effectively in a couple of hours.

Need help?

They have their own community and tons of resources on their site to help you out.

Setting Up

While you can make a lot of adjustments, the general layout of the Tribe interface is common across implementations.

The Tribe Community Platform Interface

What we mean by that is:

  • You can configure an optional menu along the top.
  • The left navigation area is customizable with a set of standard widgets and HTML blocks.
  • There three column layout is the standard, with the login flow general taking users to the activity feed.
  • You can upload your logo and set standard colors, like we do with Trust Enablement orange (#ff914d).
The Administration Area

Administrators can click on their profile image in the upper right corner to expose the user menu.  Administrators will have the additional 

The User Menu

Clicking on Administration, loads the Members page.


The Tribe Members area

In this area, you’ll see every member of your community, and you can use the menu to view:

  • The Administrators
  • Outstanding Invitations
  • Profile fields set up where you can customize the data you collect on members
  • Badges, where you can create and update badges.

Clicking on a user name will take you to their profile page.

Note that you can further customize the page by clicking on the Fields drop down.  Any profile field can be added as a column, simplifying the search for member data.

Finally, each row has a three button menu all the way to the right, where you can:

  • View their profile
  • Edit their profile (populating any of the custom fields you are using)
  • Reset their password
  • Set badges
  • View analytics specific to the user, or their audit log.
  • Ban the user to temporarily prevent them from logging in to the community.
  • Remove the user

The Content Administration area in Tribe

In this area, specific post can be viewed and edited, detailed analytics and audit logs viewed, or you can remove the post.

You can also edit your Spaces.  Spaces are categories of related content you can organized together.

Spaces can be Joined by members, allowing each member to focus in on just the information they are most interested in viewing.


Customizer area in Tribe Administration

In customizer, you can manage spaces, edit your navigation, configure colors and fonts.

Let’s take a quick look at the navigation set up.

navigation set up

You can see that you can drag and drop items in the left side-bar menu, adjust the top navigation.  

And in each of the blocks shown, you can enable/disable specific items.

We wanted to show you the number of block types available to add to your menu:

Block types you can add to your Tribe menu

  • Accordions are collapsable areas
  • Call to action areas
  • Collections Menus (spaces are simply a type of collection)
  • Rich text 
  • Leaderboards
  • iFrames allow you to embed other websites or third-party components
  • Main menu is a standard menu block that allows you to enable/disable core components
  • Members
  • Quick links to jump to certain areas in your community
  • HTML script are similar to iframes, allowing you to embed third party components or add rich functionality via JavaScript and HTML.

The settings area in Tribe administration

Settings exposed tons of other functionality.

We’ll add more information in the near future, let us know where you want us to focus.


Cons of Tribe

Tribe claims to be SEO friendly, and it is.  However, we did note that it took some time to get our Tribe-based community, The Go-to-Market (GTM) Club, up and running well from this perspective.

However, it is worth noting that we have had similar challenges with other community building solutions, Tribe doesn’t stand alone on this front.


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Tribe has multiple paid options, allowing you to scale your investment in the platform as you grow your community.


Essential apps and tools for small businesses and startups.


  • Free for up to 100 members
  • 3 admin seats
  • Plus apps
  • Custom domain
  • Analytics
  • Zapier integration
  • 2,500 total members

Premium apps and tools for brands and companies.


All in Plus, and:

  • 5 admin seats
  • Premium apps
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Remove Tribe branding
  • API and webhooks
  • 25,000 total members

Everything you need to provide a polished experience.


All in Premium, and:

  • 10 admin seats
  • Advanced apps
  • CRM integrations (Coming soon)
  • Email white-labeling
  • Customer Success Manager
  • 100,000 total members

For large businesses or those in regulated industries.

Pricing not provided.

All in Advanced, and:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Data residency
  • Audit and activity log
  • Uptime SLA
  • Master service agreement
  • Custom billing

Tribe Community Platform Pricing

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