Transform your Career with Enablement Manager Coaching

Does this describe you?

You are not sure if you are on the right track with your Enablement program.

You are a one-person Enablement team.

You want to demonstrate the impact of your efforts, and to be seen as strategic. 

Your business is generating between $20M and $50M in annual revenue.

I created this Enablement Manager Coaching program just for you.
Now, imagine how you will feel when…

You have an Enablement charter that the business has bought into.

You have a framework for decision making that aligns your efforts to the business outcomes that matter

You can report results that demonstrate how you are moving your business forward.

You are respected at all levels of your business (and outside of it) for your contributions, both strategic and tactical.

How does that feel?

How does the Enablement Manager Coaching program work?

The three month program guides you through the process, helping your achieve your goals as the Enablement Rockstar you are meant to be

Month One

Month 1is all about you and your program.  I baseline you and your program.

Month Two

Month 2 lays the foundation, building a solid charter and strategic decision making framework, while giving you core insights to think more strategically.

Month Three

Month 3 is focused on metrics for your program, and for you.

Transform your Career with Enablement Manager Coaching

Is this Enablement Manager Coaching Program Group-based, or One-on-One, Coaching?

2021 is our inaugural year and I am providing one-on-one coaching only at this time.

Why should I work with you?

That is a great question.  Here are three great reasons.

1. I have experience running Enablement programs in businesses at your size.

2. I have interviewed hundreds of Enablement Practitioners and Leaders across the Globe.

3. I have assisted hundreds of businesses in their programs.

I know what works and what does not.  I have lived it, researched it, and enabled others to find success.

What happens when I apply

Once you apply for the program, I will reach out to interview you for the program.

If you are well qualified, and I have a current opening…

We will schedule our kick-off.

John Moore - The Collaborator

This is a ton of value, can I afford it?

For 2021, the cost of Enablement Manager Coaching is:

$3000 Introductory Offer

Payment is required prior to starting the program and is non-refundable.

When you are ready to take the next step in your career, to better position yourself for your next raise, bonus, or job opportunity, complete the form below.

John Moore - The Collaborator

Looking for something less formal?

Those looking for ongoing coaching guidance, but in a less formal manner, can choose our Informal Enablement Manager Coaching program. The difference?

No set agenda, other than helping you become the best you can be while partnering on the challenges you are dealing with right now.

The cost and payment structure is the same as our more structured program.

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