The State of Sales Enablement Content Insights Report

The State of Sales Enablement Content Insights ReportIn Q1 of 2022, we will be releasing our first-ever State of Sales Enablement Content Insights Report. This report will evaluate Content-related Enablement software for its ability to report upon and provide answers to a series of questions that go-to-market leaders care about most. 

I am reaching out via LinkedIn and email to invite each of the vendors I am aware of in this space. We have reached out to the “major players” and have already had several other vendors reach out, asking to participate.

If we have not connected with you already, please let me know.

How will the State of Sales Enablement Content Insights Report be created?

We will share the details of this report with each vendor at the beginning of January 2022.

However, as a sneak peek and an opportunity for the Enablement community to weigh in on what we want to learn, here is a brief overview, with more details being released here in January at the same time as we notify vendors.

  • We will first release our Maturity Model, essentially providing a framework from no measurement to mind-blowing insights.
  • We will define use cases for each level of maturity.
  • We will allow two pathways for vendors.
    • Trust Enablement Certified. Using a demo account, we will validate the capabilities.
    • Certified but Unverified. Vendors can share a video of them meeting the use case.

As a final step, we will be connecting with Enablement Professionals who currently use the products to validate the correctness of our evaluation and include their commentary in the report.

Note that the professionals queried will be selected by Trust Enablement, not by the vendors.

Will vendors be able to opt out of the report?


We will include all vendors we have reached out to in the report.  

Vendors who choose not to participate will receive an Uncertified ranking.

However, we will also include Enabler feedback for all vendors on the scenarios we test.

Will we rank or recommend solutions?


An excellent software solution for one company may be a terrible one for another as there are too many details to consider in a fair ranking.

This report will only define where each solution falls on the content measurement maturity model, include the independently gathered insights from the community, and publish those details.

Anything else to share about the State of Sales Enablement Content Insights Report?

Not yet.

Note that we may adjust the details above slightly before January, and we will further flesh out the level of detail for you, the community, and the vendors with whom we connect.

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