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The Role of The Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

The Role of The Chief Customer Officer (CCO)The customer has always been king, but in the digital age, their role has become even more important. Some businesses have turned to the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) to help manage those relationships.

What Does A Chief Customer Officer Do?

The Chief Customer Officer is responsible for all aspects of the customer relationship, including:

  • Ensuring a great customer experience is delivered at every touchpoint
  • Delivering a well-structured onboarding, adoption, and renewal process for every customer
  • Converting customers into advocates and champions of their products and services

The Chief Customer Officer generally to the CEO.

Who reports To The CCO?

In short, it depends.

In some organizations, a Chief Revenue Officer or a Chief Customer Officer role exists, and the customer-facing, revenue-generating, teams report to whichever title is being used.

We will provide more insights on this role over the course of time.

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