The Collaborator

The Collaborator is living Enablement as a practitioner and as a leader. I’ve seen the confusion and frustration that many practitioners live. From working in other areas of the business, I’ve also seen the genuine need for the capabilities that enablement provides.

Too often, I have had conversations like the following with practitioners across the globe:

? What is Enablement? What is Effectiveness? What is Productivity?
? Who does Enablement support?
? Is Enablement simply training?
? Where can I find information about what good enablement looks like?
? How do I measure success?

And seen/heard these types of challenges articulated by customer-facing people at businesses I have worked with:

? I can’t find that document, and I need it in 2 minutes for my next call?
? How am I supposed to sell this product?
? I don’t have time to sell; I’m spending too much time entering data into the CRM.

And finally, heard executives ask for solutions that:

? Increase win rates
? Drive faster deal velocity
? Reduce churn rates
? Reduce discounting
? Keep sellers focused on deals they can win.
? Give sellers more time to sell
? Help customer success teams better serve our customers.

And I’ve chatted with too many first-time Enablement practitioners who have no idea how to do their jobs.

We need to, and we can do better.

? Helping Enablement Practitioners and Leaders Succeed ?

That simple statement is the mission of The Collaborator.

John Moore, VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan, is The Collaborator. The Collaborator recognizes that, far too often, Enablement efforts are failing to impact their business measurably.

Too many thought leaders have muddied the profession with confusing language and concepts (e.g., productitis, stratecution, orchestration).

Enablement is not that complicated!. To succeed:

1️⃣ Analyze business needs
2️⃣ Collaborate and communicate to build alignment
3️⃣ Prioritize based upon business impact
4️⃣ Execute to meet strategic and tactical needs
5️⃣ Facilitate cross-team efforts
6️⃣ Measure Business Impact
7️⃣ Refine approaches based upon data and user feedback
8️⃣ Repeat

Simple, right?

I am focused on delivering value to enablement practitioners and leaders. Everything revolves around this mission.

Together we rise.

-The Collaborator

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