Roderick Jefferson

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Roderick Jefferson is a leading voice in the Enablement community, author Sales Enablement 3.0, and Course Creator for one of the leading courses on Enablement on the Udemy platform.

Sales Enablement 3.0 – The Blueprint to Sales Enablement Excellence

Roderick Jefferson Book Cover, Sales Enablement 3.0I was honored to write a brief blurb for the inside cover of Roderick’s book, and will right a longer review of the book in the near future.  

However, for now, here is the blurb I wrote for Sales Enablement 3.0 – The Blueprint to Sales Enablement Excellence.

“This book is a blueprint, written based upon the real-world experience of what does and does not work. It is also a guide for enablement practitioners and leaders looking to take the journey from sales enablement to revenue enablement, from sales-centric to customer-centric by supporting the entire go-to-market team, driving increased revenue, decreasing churn, and reducing risk in the process, they earn their seat at the executive table.”

The book is outstanding for anyone looking to explore deeper and more modern approaches to Sales Enablement and worth your time to ready.