Britta Lorenz – Expert Collaborator

Britta Lorenz is a Partner at the PDAgroup, the regional host for DACH, and leads the DACH chapter of WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement).  She is an active supporter of women in leadership, mentorship, and coaching other women in business.

Britta is a Sales Enablement fanatic and passionate to enable B2B Sales Leaders and organizations to create their symphony for success.

As a business consultant, I advise organizations and individuals around the globe. My focus is on Enablement to accelerate growth and as an instrument that brings your performance to the next level.

My empathetic nature allows me to design the right environment that inspires people to thrive.

I have a passion for excellence in the execution of Enablement, am an ambassador for lifelong learning, and leverage digitalization as a driver for transformation and success. I don’t shy away from challenges; but instead, they push me to my next level.

Britta demonstrates tremendous focus, passion, and willpower elsewhere in her life.  Who else stops eating at 2 PM CET?

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