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The Process – State of Enablement Tech – Q2, 2022

The Process - State of Enablement Tech - Q2, 2022We are thrilled to have completed our first-ever analysis of the sales enablement technology space this quarter, culminating with Data Dwell being the overall leader for their depth of insights.

We are now looking onward to next quarter, and we wanted to share with all of you via our blog, and we will email all vendors separately of both next quarter’s focus and the process we will use for our analysis.

State of Enablement Tech Focus Areas – Q2, 2022

In Q2 of 2022, we will broaden our overall focus to now include:

  • Evaluating each vendor’s approach to customer success.
  • Evaluate vendor learning capabilities against The Surrounded Learner Technique for Sales Training.  
    • This technique avoids wasted training and maximizes impact.
  • Evaluating content platforms in the following areas:
    • Content Governance
    • Content Personalization

Last quarter we spent time writing about enablement tool usage in a variety of industries, and we will continue this journey as we explore:

    • Insurance
    • Consumer Goods
    • Medical Devices

And we will continue to update and improve upon existing articles, add more information about vendors and adjust rankings as needed throughout the quarter and beyond.

Our goal is to simplify the buying process for all companies, teams, and individuals, and this journey will continue for as long as we can create value for all involved.

State of Enablement Tech – Process for Q2, 2022

As we did last quarter, we publish the process ahead of time to give the Enablement community time to respond and suggest improvements.

This research phase of this report begins in April.

Here. is the process we will follow.

Initial Notifications

Each vendor we include in this quarter’s research will receive a copy of this blog post tomorrow, 3/17/2022.


In April, we will be conducting business reviews with vendors newly added to our list. You can see which vendors we include below.

In April and May, we will:

  • Ask each vendor to review their current customer success process with us, sharing any templates they currently use.
  • Ask each vendor to introduce us to 2 customers that have used their solution for at least one year. These conversations will focus on understanding the customer’s perspective on onboarding, value creation, QBR, and related processes.
  • For vendors providing learning capabilities, we will review The Surrounded Learner Technique and understand and report on which capabilities they cover by working with their products.
  • We will go deeper with content vendors, exploring their capabilities in the realms of content governance and content personalization.

In June, we will write the report and share it with the community.

Vendors can choose to participate in one of three ways:

  • No involvement. Vendors who choose not to participate will remain in the Non-Participating category.
  • Vendors who provide our team with a demo account (with no NDA in place) will be evaluated and placed in the Trusted Vendor category (or remain there).
  • Vendors who respond to our questions but do not provide demo accounts will be in the Participating vendor category.

As results are coming in, we will update The Best Sales Tools.

Who is in the report?

We are including the following vendors in this report. Note that no vendor pays to be in (or out) of this report. In addition, the information is available for anyone to consume.

These vendors are part of our analysis.

  • Allego
  • Bigtincan
  • Data Dwell
  • Docebo
  • e4enable
  • GTMBuddy
  • Guru
  • Highspot
  • LevelJump
  • Mediafly
  • Mindtickle
  • Modus
  • Paperflite
  • Pitcher
  • Saleshood
  • Second Nature
  • Seismic
  • Showell
  • Showpad
  • Spekit
  • Usetiful
  • WalkMe
  • WorkRamp
  • 360Learning

Please let us know if you want us to include additional vendors — we are happy to consider them as well.

Final Thoughts

We are learning as we move forward.  We appreciate the community, vendor, and individual support we have received.

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