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The Essentials of Customer Marketing – How do you Succeed?

The Essentials of Customer Marketing - How do you Succeed?What is Customer Marketing?

Customer Marketing is a critical job function for companies looking to grow their customer base. The job focuses on existing customers, keeping them happy with current purchases to remain customers, and identifying opportunities to spend more money with the company.

Customer Marketers are essential partners to Customer Success teams looking to reduce churn and sales teams working to cross-sell and upsell into their customer base.

Customer Marketing – An Overview of the Role

This role requires one skill, one capability, above all others: Understanding the wants and needs of existing customers.

This person must create, understand, and improve the customer journey, of course, but this job is not simply about mapping customer journeys.

The successful Customer Marketing professional will use a variety of tactics, including:

Digging into Social Media

If their customers discuss their solutions on social media, they should analyze conversations and reach out to them to understand them more fully.

Reviewing Support Calls/Tickets

What are the most common support tickets? Are there opportunities to create FAQs, customer portals, educational videos, or other solutions that both help the customer and help you get closer to them?

Working with Sales and Senior Leaders to Identify Key Customers

Who are the biggest customers for a given product, use case, industry?

Big may mean the potential to spend the most money or having excellent brand recognition that you want your company associated with in some manner.

Customer Marketing teams should create surveys, perhaps run customer councils, anything that makes these customers feel as special as they are and leads to them opening up about what they love, and what they dislike, about your solutions and working with your business.

Are these customers willing to be referenced with prospects? Speak for you at events?

Create Customer Events and Roadshows

Bring together your customers, present awards for innovative solutions, spotlight the best, and make sure they are having a fantastic time.

Associate your company with success.

Create Messaging for Campaigns

Customer Marketers will often be responsible for creating the messaging used in email and social outreach and making calls into the customer base by their SDRs.

What would you add?