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The Collaborative Business

What is The Collaborative Business?

The Collaborative Business is a go-to-market approach whereby agile teams replace functional silos with common goals across job functions. Direct communication between customers and employees is the norm.

Why is This Needed Now?

The Collaborative BusinessWe spend billions of dollars on technology every year.

We see low adoption rates, plateaued quota attainment, and the same abysmal performance year after year.

We have dozens of tools, sales enablement and operations teams, customer success, presales, and sales engineers, yet nothing changes.

If our goal is to serve our buyers better, to create an environment where employees thrive and our shareholders earn true, long-term value, we have to stop doing the same old things.

Enter the Collaborative Business model where we:

  • Lead with a strategy that we first test with people and processes to confirm we know what we are doing for prospects for customers.
  • Create top-down shared goals and break down the functional silos that have been with us before the Model T.
  • Layer in technology that helps us accelerate the strategies we have created, not forcing us to use models that often cause us to give up what’s working on automating inferior approaches.
  • Force our leaders to work closely with customers and prospects, with employees across the globe, to deeply understand the company’s role in its markets vs. the wishful thinking that fills far too many executive suites.

I will share far more on this approach in the coming months, but wanted to get the initial piece out earlier than later.