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What is The Academy?

The Academy is launching with a simple goal – to provide a common baseline understanding of go-to-market roles, functions, strategies, tactics, and tools.

At a VERY low cost.

Why is Trust Enablement Launching The Academy?

We want to accomplish the following goals:

  • Ensure all college and university students have the necessary knowledge to succeed in internships through a shared understanding of what good looks like.
  • Ensure anyone, anywhere on the planet, who moves into a go-to-market role, has this same common understanding.
  • Ensure existing go-to-market employees access great training at the lowest cost possible.

If you have a course we should include, reach out to [email protected].

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Content Curation in Social Media
From Trust Enablement
Social Media Courses

Reminder: Who is this for?

  • University students looking to learn about social media marketing and go-to-market functions.
  • Anyone responsible for social media in the business.
  • Marketing team members looking to understand better their peers’ strategies and tactics in the social media marketing team.

Using Content Curation for Social Media

From ConvertKit
Email and Drip Marketing

List Building Evergreen Training

Email Writing Evergreen Training


From Jon Selig
Sales Prospecting

From acclaimed seller/comedian Jon Selig, COLD OPENERS is designed for anyone who prospects (i.e., every seller ever).

This short, simple course will show you how to craft your customized COLD OPENERS that roast your prospects’ pain and break more ice by helping you be memorable, relevant, and credible within 5-10 seconds.

Jon’s price?  

Only $57.



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From ConvertKit
Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel Training

Sales Enablement

Your Journey Starts Here
From Trust Enablement
The Definitive Course

Reminder: Who is this for?

  • University students looking to learn about enablement and go-to-market functions.
  • Junior employees looking to make a switch to enablement.
  • Junior enablement professionals, often in specialist roles, are looking to uplevel.

Week 1 – The Journey Begins

Week 2 – Mapping Business Priorities to Enablement Priorities

Week 3 – Building Your Enablement Charter

Remote Work

From Oyster
The Remote Work Academy

Oyster is building out an excellent Remote Work Academy of their own, with courses for remote workers and the companies using remote workers.

  • (For Managers and HR Pros) Creating a Culture for Distributed Work
  • (For Remote Workers) Preparing for Distributed Work
  • (For Remote Workers) Creating a standout resume and cover letter
  • (For Remote Workers) Interviewing skills

Check out Oyster’s Academy.