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Tech Sales – What You Need to Know To Start (2022)

Tech sales are busier than ever before, and now is a perfect time to get into the field. We'll discuss what tech sales are, key skills, salary expectations, relevant technology, etc.Tech sales are busier than ever before, and now is a perfect time to get into the field. We’ll discuss what tech sales are, key skills, salary expectations, relevant technology, etc.

Let’s dive in.

What are tech sales?

Tech sales are the process of selling technical products or services to businesses. This can include anything from software to hardware to cloud-based services.

The most popular sales jobs right now exist in SaaS software companies, where software developers continue to create the next gold rush of job opportunities.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a software as a service solution, meaning you don’t have to install software on your phone or home computer; you simply log in to your web browser.

There are countless examples of SaaS products today, ranging from Twitter to

What is a job in tech sales like?

If you have no experience in sales, you’ll likely start as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), and cold calling will be your focus for the first year or two.

You should get promoted to an account executive role, where you will focus on closing deals.

This customer-facing role will likely require travel, so get your frequent flyer credit set to go.

Is tech sales a good industry?

Yes, there are more high-growth companies in tech today than ever, and tech sales professionals are in-demand.

As a tech sales rep

How do I get in tech sales?

Start scanning websites like LinkedIn for job listings in SaaS tech companies looking to fill open sales positions.

In addition, go to the websites of the leading companies in the technology industry and check out their job pages for SDR roles.

Also, review all the articles on Trust Enablement around sales to understand the basics of sales and what it will take to succeed in this career path.

Tech Sales Skills

You should review our article on sales skills to get a sense of the skills sellers to need in general.

However, these are the most important skills to possess for technology sales.

  • Tech-savvy. You need to learn new technology quickly.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to build relationships and rapport with prospects and customers.
  • Managing multiple stakeholders. Most tech sales require account executives to work across lines of business with 10+ decision-makers.
  • Active listening. You need to understand the challenges buyers have and help them by providing solutions.
  • Problem-Solving. Along with the last point, tech sales require creativity.
  • Sales prospecting skills. Cold calling customers, cold email, social selling, and similar skills will be necessary.

Tech Sales Interview Questions

We have an in-depth interview guide for sales leaders and other hiring managers with questions to ask sales candidates and review it to learn what questions may arise and how to best answer them.

In addition, prepare for specific questions such as:

  • How have you sold technology in the past?
  • What was your role in the sales process?
  • What technology sales tools are you familiar with using?
  • How do you stay up to date on new technology developments?

Key Sales Tools for Tech Sales

This list should not be astonishing, but let’s quickly run through the key sales tools for tech sales.

The tech sales landscape is always changing, but there are a few core tools that every tech salesperson needs in their arsenal.

CRM (customer relationship management) software

If you don’t have experience with CRM, register for a free trial of Salesflare or Pipedrive to get familiar with the technology.


Salesflare – Free Trial
Pipedrive logo
Pipedrive – Free Trial
Laptop, Mobile Phone, or Tablet Computer

No tech salesperson can live without laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. You’ll need to be able to access your email, CRM software, and other tools while on the go.

A Good Set of Headphones

You may find yourself in coffee shops, pacing hallways, and countless other places. Get something good.

Final Thoughts on Tech Sales

It is a great time to get into technology sales.

And it’s a great career path for many.

Consider all the information above, and let’s dive in.


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