Teamwork Review – What You Need To Know (June 2022)

Teamwork is a project management solution that, in their own words, is built for client work (i.e., for agencies, consultants, professional services firms, and individuals).

Who Should Use Teamwork?

Teamwork is perfect for client-focused, services teams, like:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Web Development agencies
  • Creative agencies
  • Professional services
  • Consultancy services
  • Financial services

Who Already Uses Teamwork?

Client focused teams using Teamwork


Teamwork Review and Walkthrough

Teamwork has a FREE plan, so we would encourage registering for that plan to follow along.

Registering for Teamwork

As you flow through the initial sign-up, Teamwork asks you how you want to use the product, allowing them to customize it a bit for you on initial use.

Teamwork how do you plan to use screen

It then asks you to name your first project, for this, we have simply chosen to name the project Test.

And then, it guides you to consider some initial tasks.  We like this as it’s a great method to not present users with a blank starting point.

Add a few task as you start

You are then guided to choose a project type (Board, Table, List), configure your initial columns, and invite teammates (which you can skip).

Project Views

And, voila, we are in the Teamwork user interface with our initial project started.

Reaching the teamwork Home Screen after initial set up

In our initial setup for this walkthrough, we choose the Kanban board style layout, but Teamwork makes it very simple to toggle between the board, list, table, and dashboard (as you can see here).

List View
Table View

And there are more views worth checking out.

Time View

The successful professional services team had better be utilized to the right levels, and that means tracking time and billing clients.

Teamwork makes time tracking a breeze and provides a Time view (you can see it along the top of the project screens above).  

Note that I added a 30-minute activity so we wouldn’t have a blank screen to look at in this guide.

time tracking view

Note that:

  • You can filter what time you are looking at with the filters in the top right of the user interface.
  • By default you’ll see total time, billable and non-billable, simplifying high-level tracking of team utilization.
  • You can easily, and your team can as well, Log time after the fact, or use the built-in “Start Timer” capability to track in real-time.

The Log Time flow is easy, with the UI simply asking a few standard questions.

Logging Time

Milestone View

We also added a new milestone to have something to review.

The milestone view

With the milestone view you can:

  • Toggle between a list view (shown above) and a calendar view.
  • Filter the list based upon a rich set of filtering options.
  • Export to PDF, Excel, or iCal.

Adding milestones to Teamwork


I hate GANTT views — having become a fervent Kanban board disciple.  However, many still prefer the old and faithful Gantt, and for you, the view is available under the three button menu at the top of the screen.

The Gantt chart view in Teamwork

We won’t dive into working with the Gantt chart, but are always happy to answer any questions that might arise in comments.

What Else Can you Do with Teamwork Projects

The time tracking is solid for teams that live through hourly billing, and here are a few other capabilities that, while not unique to Teamwork, are done very well and support the ideal user well.

  • Files.  Each project has it’s own file area, making the sharing of assets between clients and vendors straight-forward.
  • Messages.  No need for Slack or other comunication methods.  Easily communicate on project details through the Teamwork interface, keeping an audit trail of decisions and discussions where you most need them — with your project.
  • Notebooks.  Notebooks provide a wonderful solution for detailed project information, from specs to implementation details to training materials.
And the Finance component is fantastic!

The work being done is tracked in Teamwork, and your invoices can be run directly from the same solution.

The finance area within Teamwork

Avoid billing concerns and run all invoices from within Teamwork, reducing errors and increasing your ability to get paid for the work you completed.

Transparency with an all-in-one project management, tracking, and billing make Teamwork a fantastic choice for businesses and individuals who do client work.

Other Teamwork Apps

From within Teamwork you can enable other apps that add more power to the technology and more value for your teams.

Teamwork Desk

Adds standard helpdesk capabilities to Teamwork.

This is an additional charge feature that can be tested via a free 30-day trial.

Teamwork CRM

A basic CRM system baked into Teamwork.

This is an additional charge feature that can be tested via a free 30-day trial.

Teamwork Spaces

A content collaboration hub, ideal for collaborating internally or externally.

This is an additional charge feature that can be tested via a free 30-day trial.

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Where is Teamwork’s Headquarters?

Cork, Cork, Ireland

When was Teamwork Founded?

Founded in 2007

Who is the CEO of Teamwork?

Peter Coppinger

Is Teamwork a Public or Private company?

Teamwork is a privately held company.

How much money has Teamwork raised?



Users can choose to pay monthly or yearly, and yearly plans result in a 20% annual savings.

Teamwork has one FREE Plan, and three paid plans.


Up to 5 users can use the free plan.


$10/user/month when paid yearly.

Requires a minimum of 3 users.


$18/user/month when paid yearly.

Requires a minimum of 5 users.


Must discuss with the sales team.

Teamwork Pricing

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