StreamYard Review – Everything You Need To Know (August 2022)

StreamYard is a live streaming solution supporting broadcasting and editing directly in your browser.  

As with similar technologies, you can stream directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  Streamyard can also stream to your RTMP streaming server, Hopin, and Twitch.

Who Uses StreamYard?

Companies like Microsoft, Google for Startups, teach:able, WooCommerce, DigitalOcean, MorningBrew, SEMRush, and Hootsuite are amongst the list of customers of StreamYard.

Key StreamYard Features

Key StreamYard Features


Who Should Use StreamYard?

If you want to raise brand awareness via live video streaming, check out StreamYard.

The platform is a good fit for any company looking to take advantage of live streaming across social media platforms at a relatively low cost and in an easy-to-use interface.

(Video) Brief Walkthrough

StreamYard Review and Walkthrough

Register for the FREE version when starting with StreamYard, especially if you have no experience with live streaming.

This will allow you to get comfortable with the concepts and only upgrade when your usage demands require you.

Upon initial login, your experience will be a bit empty, looking like this.

The first login experience in StreamYard

Setting Up Streaming Destinations

Streaming is only valuable if you send the stream somewhere.  We begin with selecting destinations and choosing the Destinations menu on the left-hand navigation.

You’ll see a big blue button to “Add a destination”, choose that.

Destination Options in StreamYard

StreamYard demonstrates that they get the stress that some people feel with live streaming and provides a solution to try live streaming without a destination.

We will use that option in a moment, but let’s demonstrate how to set up a destination while we are here.

For now, choose Twitter.  

The flow will be similar to all destinations, with you giving permissions for StreamYard to interact with the destination platform.

Giving StreamYard permission

Simply click on the “Authorize app” button, and you will be directed back to the Destinations page with your new destination listed.

The destination page

The three-dot menu allows you to grant permission again and remove the stream.

Now, click back on Broadcasts to test live streaming

Don’t worry; we will still test, not stream to your social channel.

Click on the “Create a broadcast” button.

Choose create a broadcast

Choose the New broadcast option.

broadcast options

Since we are testing, choose Record only to experience the studio without sending any session to our Twitter account.

You need to give access to your webcam and microphone


The studio will open showing you in your webcam and allowing you to test audio.

Testing microphone and video in StreamYard

Am I whistling?

In the settings option, you can set up your virtual background, change microphones and cameras, and perform other configuration options.

Adding your virtual background


We now name the broadcast and continue into the studio.

In the StreamYard recording studio

Note: By default, you are not “in the stream”, meaning you won’t show up.  Click on your image in the bottom left of the screen to add yourself in.

You can change between various broadcast layouts using the options right under the video window.

From the studio, you can invite additional guests into your stream, share your screen, adjust branding, and much more.

We will add more coverage soon.

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StreamYard comes with two paid plans and a FREE option.

All plans include automated content briefs, content scoring, content editor, easy document sharing, project collaboration, outline builder, and more.

  • Screen sharing
  • Banners
  • On-screen comments
  • 6 on-screen participants
  • Brand colors
  • Green screen
  • Stream anywhere
  • StreamYard branding in your streams
  • Streaming limits

$20/month if billed annually.

Everything in Free, plus: 

  • No StreamYard branding in your streams
  • Unlimited streaming
  • 10 on-screen participants
  • Logo
  • Overlays
  • Backgrounds
  • Custom RTMP destinations
  • Pre-recorded streams
  • Recording – 6 hours/stream
  • Multistream – 3 destinations

$39/month if billed annually.

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Recording – 10 hours/stream
  • Multistream – 8 destinations
  • Multiple cameras
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Individual audio recordings

StreamYard Pricing

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