Trust Enablement Services – Software Selection Process

Software Selection ProcessThe software selection process can be challenging.

  • Every RFP response from every vendor sounds perfect.
  • Every vendor is willing to work with you to meet your needs
  • Then you do demos, unsure how much is released product vs. slideware.

That’s why we are offering the new Trust Enablement Software Selection Process service.

Why Trust Enablement?

Our Founder has more than 30 years of industry experience and has been the driving force behind our certified tech stack.

We know which vendors are responsive post-sale, and which are just saying the right things to close the deal.

And we only charge you if you agree that our recommendations were helpful.


How Does Our Software Selection Process Work?


Simply set up your free 30-minute consultation with John to kick off the process.

From there, both John and you will decide if it makes sense to work together.  If it does:

  • John will create an SoW to cover your needs.
  • Payment will range from $500 through $2500 depending on needs and only be payable if you, as the client, agree that the recommendations have been helpful.