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Snovio Review – What You Need To Know

Who Should Use Snovio?

As noted above, we feel sales teams that are primarily outbound focused should consider Snovio.

However, the product is also positioned for the following interesting use cases:

  • For bloggers seeking to scale backlink outreach
  • Onboarding new customers
  • Recruiting candidates for job openings
  • PR firms doing outreach to media outlets

And other scenarios along these lines.

Let’s Explore Using Snovio

For this article, we will explore backlink building, using Snovio’s rich set of capabilities, for our website focused on helping people build WordPress websites on Bluehost: Built on Bluehost.

First – The Snovio Email Finder

The Snovio email finder is data-rich, with over 260 million leads for over 680,000 users in the last 12 months.

The tool works as a Chrome extension and is simple to install and use.

To use it, navigate to a website and click on the link to the chrome extension; you will see something like this:

Snovio Email Finder Chrome Extension

When it finishes loading, you will have a long list of contacts for the company you were checking out.

Note: The extension does not work on LinkedIn.

Second – What is Our Goal

We could go for any number of goals with this effort; the two most likely ideas would be:

  • Ensure affiliate marketers are aware of the information we are creating; hopefully, this will lead to sales.
  • Ensure authoritative affiliate marketers are aware of our new site in hopes that they will consider adding a backlink to it.

For this walkthrough, we will focus on building backlinks only.

Third – Who is Our ICP For This Scenario?

Bluehost is a great hosting provider for affiliate marketers looking to rapidly stand up a website at a low cost to begin creating content to market the product they are selling.

Affiliate marketers will be our ICP for this outreach.

Fourth – Finding Our Potential leads

So far, we have only loosely identified who we want to reach out to for these backlinks.

In Snovio, let’s navigate to the Find Leads section, where we will see something along these lines (note the account are test accounts).

Finding leads in Snovio

As you can see, we have several solutions for identifying potential outreach targets.

Technology Checker

Our first idea is to try the Technology Checker for people who already have a Bluehost website; perhaps they would link to our new site and its helpful information.

While it’s a stretch and not our best idea, let’s navigate to the checker and see if we can identify these users.

The Snovio Technology Checker

As you can see, we can’t identify people using Bluehost, but there are several technology options we could look for in our lead candidates.

For example, a search of sites using WordPress returns several potential target accounts.

Target accounts using WordPress

This is a possibility.

Company Profile Search

Let’s try another idea first, the Company Profile Search.

We can set up a search for those companies having a specialty with Bluehost, of a specific size, geographic area, and so forth.

And, running this search for a company size of 1 person returns a single result for me to consider:

She certainly has WordPress experience, but it’s unclear from her website if she has Bluehost experience.

I could reach out and see if there is a good reason for her to link to my new site, but this does not feel scalable.


Let’s try the Linker tool to see if this gives us another path.  This is interesting because I can do a broader Google search across key sites for people expressing interest or knowledge of Bluehost.

And using this approach, I can click on any of those searches to see what’s returned.  Let’s click on the Upwork list for a second, where we see:

A list of potential outreach targetsSo I could search through these various lists and track each person individually.

Again, this is great for identifying potential targets but doesn’t help me scale the outreach in an automated fashion.

And as we go through the various search methods, all of which are amazingly powerful, we conclude that we can use this power to manually assemble a list of outreach targets. However, it is still going to be a case-by-case analysis.

Note:  This is what you should expect from these tools for this scenario.  Sending mass emails without careful analysis is not the right way to do any outreach.

Fifth – Outreach Drip Campaigns

Let’s analyze the drip campaign capabilities to see how we can leverage them.

Building a drip campaign in SnovioInstead of replicating the full details available in this Snovio video, just give it a listen.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we can quickly create our email outreach campaign and find our leads.

From this point, applying the right strategy for your outreach is up to you.


Product Updates

August 2022
  • The LinkedIn prospect finder tool has been updated.  Per Snovio, the update includes:
    • Enhanced security, privacy, and performance
    • Improved search for even more information about your leads
    • Complete design revamp for easier navigation and faster task set-up
    • Better search-by-page configuration
    • A new Active Searches tab in your browser for easier ongoing task management
  • You can now preview your outreach messages before sending them
June 2022

Snovio has released new features, including:

  • Google Calendar Sync – Synchronize tasks with your Google Calendar
  • Sort deals by Name, Value, Date, and Prospect.
  • New Tasks Page for controlling your daily workflow.
  • A new version of LI Prospect Finder 1.2.2 for faster and improved results.
  • Multicurrency: set any currency directly in the deal’s Value. This will make it easier for users worldwide to manage deals and revenue in CRM.

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What is Snovio? is your perfect CRM for efficient contact management and powerful cold outreach. Find more convertible leads, verify contacts, track your lead’s progress, and automate cold outreach.

Where is Snovio’s headquarters?

Chernihiv, Chernihivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine

When was Snovio founded?


Who is the CEO of Snovio?

Oleksii Kratko

Snovio Review – Pricing

The solution comes with five paid packages and a free trial to test them out.

All packages have unlimited users and are primarily differentiated by the number of credits you can use for their powerful email finder capability.

Snovio Pricing Options

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