Seismic Review – What You Need To Know Now (May 2022)

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What does Seismic do?

Seismic is a Sales Enablement platform.

 Recommended for Evaluation for Financial Services Businesses

Product Updates

June 2022:

  • Automated Coaching with real-time feedback on multimedia practice sessions. 
  • Training Overview Dashboards that provide managers with actionable insights on their teams’ training performance.

May 2022:

Seismic Enablement Cloud™ Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to Seismic’s suite of omnichannel marketing and selling services to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies…  Read more.



What is Seismic?

Seismic is a Sales Enablement platform.

Where is Seismic’s Headquarters?

San Diego, California, United States

When was Seismic Founded?

Seismic was founded in 2010

Who is the CEO of Seismic?

Doug Winter

Is Seismic a Public or Private company?

Seismic is a privately held company.

How much money has Seismic raised?

Seismic has raised $440M.

What security standards have Seismic achieved?

– Information Security Management System – ISO/IEC 27001:2013
– Seismic performs a SOC2 Type II audit annually
– Encryption of data in transit and at rest using tenant-specific secure cryptographic ciphers (TLS 1.2 for transport of data in transit and AES 256 for persistent storage);
-Access control based on user types, profile memberships, and TeamSite memberships/roles;
– SSO integration via any SAML 2.0 provider, including;
– Authentication against an LDAP store through SAML 2.0;
– RESTful APIs that support OAuth.
– Transparent automatic in-region geo-replication for disaster recovery

Furthermore, the application is security tested through vulnerability scanning, static and dynamic testing, and penetration testing.
Robust GDPR Compliance
– Apply user privacy management experiences to any country in the world
– Support for multiple privacy policy links
– Support for 26 different languages
– Intuitive administration experience

Allows customer to
– Comply with EU and global regulations
– Deliver personalized experience (e.g., relevant language)
– Easily manage complex multi-country roll-outs

What integrations does Seismic have?

Over 130. Integrations:  Dozens of integrations including Allego, Crayon, GMail, Gong, Hubspot, Klue, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft Office, Mindtickle, Outlook, Outreach, SalesLoft, Slack, Sugar CRM

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Seismic?

Financial Services, High Tech

What are the secondary verticals supported by Seismic?

Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Business Services, Retail

Latest Blog Content

Seismic Competitors

Saleshood Logo
Paperflite Logo

Additional Insights on Seismic Alternatives

Digital Sales RoomsDSR available — unclear on full capabilities.Solid capabilities, dynamic content, NO security yet on deal rooms.Solid capabilities, dynamic content, security.
Content PlaybackPlayback without native applications. Other capabilities are unknown.Playback without native applications. Lacks drawing tools and note-taking capabilities during playback.Playback without native applications. Lacks drawing tools and note-taking capabilities during playback.
ReportingSellers can use reporting to identify customer engagement, identify who to reach out to and what to discuss.Sellers can use reporting to identify customer engagement, identify who to reach out to and what to discuss.Sellers can use reporting to identify customer engagement, identify who to reach out to and what to discuss.
Document Automation
Seismic LiveDocs is the leading document automation solution in the Enablement space.
Sales Training and CoachingAcquisition and integration of Lessonly are underway — still coming together.

Seismic response (not validated by Trust Enablement as we have not been given access to the platform): “This assumption is not accurate… The deep integration was already completed when the acquisition was announced, and we were actually selling the deep integration product to our existing customers within the first 30 days.
Strong solutionNone
Social SellingA solution exists, not enough feedback to share yet.NoneNone
Email IntegrationsGmail, Microsoft OutlookNoneGmail, Microsoft Outlook
CRM IntegrationsSalesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Netsuite, Skuid, SugarCRMSalesforceSalesforce, Freshsales, Hubspot, Klenty, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics
PricingNot Published$50/user/month$50/user/month
Primary VerticalsFinancial Services, High TechTechnology, Clean Technology, Health TechnologyPaperflite views itself as industry-agnostic.
Secondary VerticalsAdvanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Business Services, RetailPhilanthropy, Financial Service, GovernmentPaperflite views itself as industry-agnostic.
Year Founded201020132017
Funding to Date$440M$1.8M$400K
Ideal Customer SizeMid-sized Businesses through EnterpriseMid-sized Businesses through EnterpriseSmall through Mid-sized Businesses
Evaluate SaleshoodEvaluate Paperflite


Seismic vs Highspot


  • August 2021 – Lessonly – Sales Training
  • December 2020 – Grapevine6 – Social Media Campaign Management
  • November 2019 – Percolate – Marketing Content Management
  • May, 2018 – SAVO – Sales Enablement
  • December 2017 – Zensight – Sales Intelligence

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