Building the Best Salesforce Tech Stack for Enablement (2022)

Building the Best Salesforce Tech Stack for Enablement (2022)

You have invested a lot in your Salesforce tech stack. And now, you want to ensure you have the best sales enablement platform for Salesforce – let’s review what you need.

Note: We have not found one solution covering all Enablement needs, so we have assembled the best breed options for your CRM.

Let’s dive in.

What is Enablement?

Enablement supports prospects and customers along their journey by arming all customer-facing roles to deliver consistently great information and experiences to help the business achieve its revenue growth targets.

What is a Sales Enablement Platform?

A sales enablement platform helps your entire revenue team by providing them with the right content, training, and coaching when they need it, without hunting through multiple platforms looking for it.

A well-functioning enablement system allows reps to spend more time selling effectively — and we all want that. 

And for analysis of results, you want your Salesforce tech stack to be built entirely of native applications.

What is a native Salesforce application?

These are applications built on, the Salesforce cloud platform. Native applications offer a number of benefits, such as:

  • They are deeply integrated – data is centrally managed in Salesforce and can be reported on to measure the impact of all of your efforts.
  • They are faster and more reliable than applications that run on other platforms.

Given a choice, go native.

To learn more about a native Salesforce tech stack, read this article.

What are the critical tool components of Enablement?

The implementation of Enablement across businesses varies, but the core tactics consist of:

  • Content creation, curation, and delivery.
  • Training creation, curation, and delivery.
  • Coaching support and delivery.

Some organizations include process optimization, people development, sales methodologies, frameworks, etc.

We will focus on the first three tactics for our recommendations but will lightly touch upon other areas.


Recommendations – Best Sales Enablement Platform for Salesforce


Content and Training Creation Tools

Sales, marketing, customer success, and general learning content have much more in common than not, so we want to discuss tools you should consider when creating any content for your go-to-market teams.



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Canva is a world-class platform for non-designers to create amazing visual content easily.

What makes Canva unique?

  • More stock photography, audio, and videos that you could need.
  • Shapes and various graphic elements to support your designs.
  • Content from the web such as Giphy and Google Maps
  • An easy-to-use drag and drop interface to simplify your lives.
  • Canva is available on the web, iOS, and Android.
  • And so much more.

And if you have a design team, have them create templates within Canva for your Enablement team to build images from by simply copying the template and changing text and graphics to match your standards.


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Grammarly is a must-have too for every member of your team and every piece of content you create.


  • Offers detailed, real-time suggestions to help improve word choice, refine tone, make sentences clearer, and fix grammatical errors.
  • Provides your go-to-market team with visibility into your overall team performance with a centralized administrative dashboard

You cannot afford to have prospects or customers finding foolish errors in your copy.

You cannot afford to write uncompelling copy, either.

Ensure you write compelling messaging that remains on tone for your brand, with every key message.


Coaching and Training Solutions

LevelJump is a natively built Learning solution. Salesforce’s recent acquisition means the platform is likely undergoing improvements and updates to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Note that we have not reviewed LevelJump and cannot recommend it blindly.

For a modern approach to training creation and delivery, consider Spekit

It has an easy-to-use integration with Salesforce. While only for Chrome browser users, or users of the Salesforce mobile application, the ability to deliver information in context, with easy updates and built-in reinforcement, is beneficial.

And best of all, it is based upon a Chrome extension that allows it to operate successfully in a no-code manner.


Content Management, Delivery, and Tracking Solutions

When we consider the best sales enablement platform for Salesforce, we need to include content management and delivery solution.

The choice is easy for any business that wants to understand Enablement’s impact on its key performance metrics.

Data Dwell is the only content management system for go-to-market teams built natively within Salesforce. It is the most robust content-related Enablement platform to align metrics to business outcomes.

It is a necessary component in your Salesforce tech stack.

The solution comes with a robust CMS capability that works in nearly any Salesforce configuration. Due to its ties directly into native Salesforce objects provide a level of insights not available from other platforms.

If your business is not seeking to be as data-driven or data-aware, you could leverage any of the platforms we cover in our certified tech stack.

Data Dwell

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Which do you buy first? Training/Coaching or Content Management?

The answer, as always, is it depends. Here is our simplistic decision process for answering this question.


Is your team growing or turning over quickly?

In this scenario, you are at risk of knowledge loss or inability to quickly spread knowledge to new team members.

If this is your situation, buy a solution like Spekit first.


Otherwise, focus on building a data-aware go-to-market foundation

Set yourself up with long-term success by putting in the necessary systems to support data-aware decision-making.  

If this is your situation, buy a solution like Data Dwell first.



The best tools for companies using Salesforce CRM will continue to evolve as our research and conversations deepen.

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