Go-to-Market Internships – The Complete Picture

Sales Internship? Marketing Internship? Enablement Internships - The Complete PictureFor many, the opportunity to intern in the go-to-market team means either a sales internship or a marketing internship. While both are beautiful opportunities, a Sales Enablement internship provides students with a whole picture of the go-to-market team and companies with a chance to collaborate in creating the next generation of business leaders.

What is Sales Enablement?

While you can read the details in our sales enablement guide, let’s skip to the important stuff:

  • Sales Enablement sits at the center of the go-to-market team, supporting each function to drive more revenue for the business.
  • The enablement team generally creates or curates content, writes messaging, delivers training, supports coaching, process improvement, technology optimization, and other activities for the revenue organization (pre and post-sales).
    • When we refer to pre and post-sales, we generally refer to inside sales, outside sales, sales development and engineering, customer success, support, and potentially marketing teams like product and customer marketing.

Note: Enablement teams deliver value to these internal teams, who then use the training, content, and other services to serve customers better. This approach complements marketing, creating content, and sometimes training and supporting technology to support customers directly.

The fantastic thing about an enablement internship is that no two businesses will operate the same way. This uniqueness means that each job is enriching without being a cookie-cutter experience.


The Enablement Internship Opportunity

The Boston Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society (BosSES), in collaboration with Trust Enablement, is seeking Universities and Colleges to create an ongoing internship program focused on Enablement.

Universities would be responsible for:

  • Co-creation of the internship program at their university
  • Promoting the internship program to their students
  • Providing opportunities for the BosSES and Trust Enablement to host a session focused on Enablement.

BosSES and Trust Enablement would:

  • Work with businesses to create Enablement internship opportunities for applicants to the program.
  • Sales internship and marketing internship opportunities, if uncovered, would be shared with participating universities.

Selected interns would:

  • Complete the internship.
  • Write an article to be shared by BosSES and Trust Enablement about their experience.
  • If interested, act as an ambassador at the university for the next round of internship

Student Criteria

Enablement professionals have a wide variety of backgrounds, and we, therefore, do not want to restrict this to only business students.

While it is ultimately up to the companies that participate and the students who apply, we will be striving to achieve the following placement objectives:

  • At least 50% of interns coming from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds
  • An equal number of males and females
  • At least one non-business student

Final thoughts on the Enablement Internship Program

BosSES and Trust Enablement are seeking one or two universities to begin this program.  

As we both learn from the experience, we will slowly open this up to additional locations to use this as a model to replicate nationally and globally.

We look forward to creating a program that delivers amazing value to all, and thank you for your consideration.