Sales Enablement Specialist

The Sales Enablement Specialist role is an entry level position, most often seen in larger organizations having an existing sales enablement team.

Why is this?

Most often, smaller organizations, or those just starting out, hire a Sales Enablement Manager to put the foundation of Enablement in place while also spending their time on tactical initiatives.

What does a Sales Enablement Specialist do?

We have example job descriptions on our Sales Enablement Specialist Job Descriptions Example page for your review.

However, at a high-level, the specialist is your on-the-ground worker with these common responsibilities:

  • Content creation based upon guidance from more senior members of the team.
  • Curating content from marketing teams or from experts within the sales organization.
  • Delivering sales training.
  • Running win/loss reviews using pre-defined processes and templates.
  • Interviewing sales reps to document potential best practices for the rests of the organization to re-use.

What is the average Sales Enablement Specialist salary?

In the U.S., according to Glassdoor the Sales Enablement Specialist salary can start as low as $31,000 and go as high as $105,000.

Sale Enablement Specialist Salary

[bctt tweet=”In the U.S., according to Glassdoor the Sales Enablement Manager salary can start as low as $31,000 and go as high as $105,000″ username=”TrustEnablement”]

Of course, the average Sales Enablement Specialist salary varies across the globe. As the time of this writing, per Glassdoor, here are the average base salaries for several locations across the globe.

  • Canada: CA$46K per year.
  • Argentina: No report.
  • United Kingdom: £37,120 per year.
  • Spain: No report.
  • Germany: No report.
  • South Africa: No report.
  • India: No report.
  • Australia: A$100K per year.