Sales Enablement ROI – The Real Impact of your Investment

Sales Enablement ROIWe have a secret to share with you.  Sales Enablement Platform vendors have a hard job determining the actual Sales Enablement ROI for their product.

And, it’s not even their fault this is a complex problem, with a million factors to consider.

Factors such as:

  • Who is running your sales enablement initiatives?
  • Have your sales enablement teams created the right content?
  • Are your sales organizations adopting the solutions?
  • Are the sales leaders driving the use of the sales enablement programs?
  • And on and on.

In this article, we will be looking at the impact of sales enablement on a variety of common problems solved by the modern sales enablement toolset.

In this iteration of our article, we begin by diving into the Sales Enablement ROI for content discovery.

Expected Sales Enablement ROI for…

Solving the Content Discovery Problem

Hubspot notes a study in this article

“According to the study, 31% of reps’ time is spent searching for or creating content, and 20% on reporting, administrative, and CRM-related tasks. Only one-third of their day is actually spent selling. “

We often see vendors and thought leaders quoting this approximately 33% number, and, in our experience, we often see sales reps spending even less time.

Understanding this number is vital in determining the ROI of sales enablement buying decisions.

So how much time do sellers really spend hunting for content?

It’s impossible to be perfectly precise in our numbers. Still, because creating sales presentations can be time-intensive, we will assume that this accounts for a more significant impact on sales productivity than content discovery (i.e., search, content in context, etc.), leading us to these assumptions.

  • Sellers spend 25% of their time creating content
  • Sellers spend 5% on content discovery.
What percentage of time will the sales enablement solution give our sellers back?

That 5% will not all translate back into selling time. However, we believe a majority of it will.

What percentage of your team members will actually use the solution you buy

Adoption rates vary, but typical adoption for sales tools is poor, often running below 50%.

Of course, how we define adoption matters, specific sales processes can make a significant impact, and your sales leader’s willingness to drive adoption all play into how your sales team adopts any solution.

Our team generally assumes a 50% adoption rate.

We factor this in, of course, against your current sales numbers to show that, at a 50% adoption rate, you should be able to achieve a 2% increase in total sales based upon better content discovery.

But… What about the content?

All of this depends on having great content in place that supports your sellers.

If you don’t already have great content, the solution will not provide you with any value in this area.

Which vendors are the best choice for solving the content discovery challenge?

Salesforce CRM Users

Companies that have standardized on Salesforce CRM should evaluate Data Dwell.  Data Dwell is the only Enablement platform on the market that has demonstrated the ability to tie content to business outcomes.

See our full list of recommendations for Salesforce CRM users.

Not a Salesforce CRM User?

For those of you not using Salesforce as. your CRM, consider evaluating Saleshood.

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