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Go-to-Market Templates – Free and Ready to Help

These free templates are made available thanks to the generosity of the overall community.

Note: If you have a template you are willing to share and upload, the community would appreciate it!  

Below the upload section, you will find the free sales, marketing, and sales enablement templates and many sample job descriptions.


Stephanie Middaugh and Fiamma Jean-Baptiste initially developed and shared this communication framework.


Use this to create your next enablement charter template.

Hand-off Documents

Sales to Customer Success

Job Searching

Job searches require a great deal of organization, and our friend Natosha McIntyre created this job search tracking sheet template in Google Sheets to organize and manage the process.  

RFI Examples

The team at BPM Works donated this free Enablement RFI Template.

Sales Processes

Shannon Hempel has contributed this sales process template.

Sales Training