Enablement Program Evaluation

Are your enablement efforts paying off?  

We know that you are not sure – that’s why you need a trusted expert to perform an evaluation.

That’s where we come in.

Is our evaluation program right for you?

If the following describes you and your current situation, we can help you.

Does this describe you?

You are not sure if you are on the right track with your Enablement program.

You know content is being created and training is being delivered, but you are not sure if the program is positively impacting your business.

You know the team is always busy, but you wonder if they are focused on the right priorities.

We created this Enablement Program Evaluation program just for you.
Work with Leading Sales Enablement Consultants to Evaluate your Enablement Program
Now, imagine how you will feel when…

You understand the expectations of your executive team for the Enablement program and the results they expect.

You understand the overall effectiveness of your Enablement efforts.

You have a clear plan to close the gap between where you are today and where your team needs you to be.

How does that feel?
How does the Enablement Evaluation Program work?

The program is driven by our Founder, John Moore, baselining your program against well-defined best practices.  

When completed, you have a clear picture of the level of maturity of your program and a set of recommendations to reach Enablement nirvana.

Our program follows this structure
  • (Optional) Sit with your CEO, CRO, or similar role to ensure we are clear on your business goals and expectations for your Enablement program.
  • Interview up to five key stakeholders across your business, including your Enablement team, Sales Leadership, Operations, Marketing, and Customer Success.
  • Determine your level of Enablement maturity against our standard framework.
  • Deliver a report to you with a clear picture of your Enablement program today AND recommendations for program improvements.
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John Moore, Founder of Trust Enablement
John Moore Founder Trust Enablement
What does it cost?

The Enablement Program Evaluation service cost $999 and covers the interviews, baseline against benchmarks, and recommendations for improvement.

Customers are under no obligation to implement recommendations with Trust Enablement.

This service can be purchased by John by using the Fiverr platform — navigate here.