Sales Content Audit Services


Every business has a sales content problem – our sales content audit services can help

Sales Content Audit Services from Trust EnablementThe Collaborator and team have experience working with hundreds of companies with annual revenues from $50M through the Fortune 500.

We have seen companies with 10 through 10s of thousands of pieces of content.

And the vast majority have no idea if they are investing wisely in their content, and if it is having an impact on business revenue.

Do any of these align with your business?

  • You are creating more sales content every day but are unsure what’s being used by the team? FYI – On average, nearly 2/3rds of content created for sales is never used.
  • Your sales team is complaining they don’t have the content they need, and bespoke content requests are drowning your team.
  • You have no idea if your content is helping drive revenue, and the CFO wants to cut your budget.

You need a content audit

The Content Audit will help you identify what you have, how it is being used, and the impact it is having on revenue generation.

Content Audits are not rocket science but they require a level of experience few have.  The process, at a high-level, is:

  • Clarify the business goals you are trying to impact
  • Interview sales, marketing, and other key stakeholders
  • Leverage data from existing systems
  • Document relevant content in a manner that supports decision-making
  • Baseline current impact to business goals
  • Identify content gaps
  • Create a plan to correct the key gaps

In an ideal world, your Marketing or Enablement teams are running this process quarterly.

We know that no one lives in the “ideal world”

We are experts at running effective content audits that lead to positive, measurable, business outcomes (see our content audit page for insights on content audits).

The first step is a 1-2 hour session to briefly review your current content and overall program.  This will allow us to accurately price the content audit. 

To schedule the paid review session, click on the image/link below to purchase via The Enablement Market.


Sales Content Audit Scoping
Sales Content Audit Scoping