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Чем занимается Вивун?

Vivun - это инструмент для предпродажных операций и интеллекта на основе искусственного интеллекта 


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Что такое Вивун?

Vivun - это инструмент для предпродажных операций и интеллекта на основе искусственного интеллекта 

Какие интеграции есть у Vivun?


Кто является генеральным директором компании Vivun?

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  • Автор: Tim Messing
    Vivun Security is excited to announce the launch of our Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP)! Our VDP is a security-focused initiative that enables security researchers and ethical hackers to report vulnerabilities they find in our systems, so that we can address them promptly. This is part of our continuous efforts to foster a relationship with the […]
  • Автор: Greg Howard
    Creating a new category within the tech industry is no easy feat. As a trailblazer in the PreSales space, Vivun is excited to have recently been included in the prestigious Gartner Market Guide for Interactive Demos. The Gartner recognition comes on the heels of the creation of the PreSales Management grid at G2, as well […]
  • Автор: Greg Howard
    Since Vivun emerged as a bold category creator, we’ve had a front row seat for the evolution of PreSales. We’re excited to be one of the leader’s on G2’s latest PreSales Management grid, which is a reflection of how this function is evolving on a broad scale. G2 is a trusted technology marketplace and peer […]
  • Автор: Perri Bronson
    Purse strings have tightened in the tech industry, companies are laser-focused on efficiency, and as a result, go-to-market (GTM) teams are in flux. While no one is immune from post-pandemic challenges, we can find a silver lining by looking at the companies that have successfully adopted new approaches to selling. One such organization is Atlassian, […]
  • Автор: Aaron Sun
    Generative AI is having a bit of a moment. The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI late in 2022 started a ton of conversations around the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Some of these have been incredibly funny to read—others are a little more ominous. One question people have been asking lately is whether ChatGPT and […]
  • Автор: Perri Bronson
    Scott Bleczinski is a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), investor, and go-to-market maverick. He spent nearly eight years as Executive Vice President of Sales at ExactTarget, taking revenue from millions to hundreds of millions and setting the stage for their $2.5B acquisition by salesforce.com in 2013–a foundational investment for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Since then, he has […]
  • Автор: Philipp Schöne
    This blog is a guest post by Phillip Schöne, Solutions Architecture Team Lead EMEA at Workato. My name is Philipp Schöne, and I’m proud to lead the Workato Solutions Architecture (SA) team in EMEA. My team helps prospects get to know and fully understand Workato, the leading Enterprise Automation Platform. Workato is the only platform […]
  • Автор: Sara Vondohren
    Не секрет, что команды PreSales - это герои ваших сделок и актив для своих партнеров по продажам на протяжении всего цикла сделки. Но с большой властью приходит и большая ответственность, и в условиях, когда распределение ресурсов между сотрудниками становится как никогда ценным, очень важно максимально эффективно использовать время вашей команды. Эмили Данн, директор по техническому обеспечению продаж (SE) [...]...

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