– What You Need To Know (October 2022) is an AI-drive Sales Outreach platform that uses built-in AI-assisted writing tools to facilitate messaging and cadence creation.

Who Should Use Regie?

Sales Development teams (SDRs) that lack full messaging and content support from elsewhere in the organization will benefit from this solution.

Note: We would not recommend using Regie, or any AI-writing assistant, without careful review and editing by someone who genuinely understands your solution’s value.  They are just as likely to deliver a well-constructed message as they are not to do so.


Regie Review and Walkthrough offers a free plan for testing and evaluation.  We recommend registering for that free version as you follow along.

First, navigate to the website, and choose Sign Up (as of this writing, this is a button placed at the top right of the screen).

Follow the sign-up flow, providing a work email address, password, and then, after confirming your email address, you will land in the application.

The app Home Screen


Our first impression?

Regie is not yet sure what kind of solution it wants to be when it grows up, providing options for AI-assisted blogs and other types of content and campaign creation.

On the left, we see options for images, personas, and more content-related activities in the menu.

Our Take:  Regie should go all-in on the sales outreach capabilities vs. splitting attention between being everything for everyone.

Creating a Cadence

Regie is most robust as a sales outreach solution; this is where we will focus in this review.

We will start our journey by discussing who we target with our outreach.

Navigate to Personas.

Creating our Persona

Click on the blue “+ Create” button to get started.

Note:  No one would consider this a true persona, but we would recommend creating these for your cadences.  You are just populating a few fields to keep you, and the AI focused on the correct language to use as you create your messaging.

For the walkthrough, we will target CMOs at Pharmaceutical companies.  So enter CMO for the persona’s name and Executives for those I want to target.

The popup now shows a new field, “In the Department,” choose Marketing.

The popup now shows a field for “In the Industry.”  Choose Pharmaceuticals.

The popup now looks like this:

Choose the “Create Persona” button.

The screen refreshes to the Personas screen, showing the newly added persona.

The persona Home Screen


Now that we have created “the persona,” navigate to Campaigns by selecting that menu option in the left-hand navigation.

Creating our Campaign

Click on the “+ Create” button to get started.

We can only create the Outbound sequence for the Free version, so choose that option.

You can see that Regie gives you several templates to choose from when creating their cadence.

We will choose the “General Outbound” cadence as this is the only one supported by the Free version.  Choose Next.

Reminder: We would not recommend using Regie, or any AI-writing assistant, without careful review and editing by someone who genuinely understands your solution’s value.  They are just as likely to deliver a well-constructed message as they are not to do so.

For this buyer, we love the structured approach used here.  It guides the AI and humans in creating/editing the messaging. If you do not yet have a process for creating the messaging, consider leveraging this screen layout to guide your efforts. 

For this walkthrough, we entered:

  • Company Name of “Trust Enablement”
  • Product Description of “The Widgetizer 3000 is the only solution on planet earth known to eradicate tooth decay via a special lab-based chocolate creme digested by consumers.”.
  • The Free version does not support A/B testing. 

And we populated the other fields (Pain Point, Value Proposition, and Proof Points with text (see below).

Click on the “Generate Campaign ->” button.

Regie goes off to do its thing, telling you it should take less than a couple of minutes.

The page then loads with your initial cadence.

You can click the right-hand window to get feedback on Subject Length, Message Length, etc…

One interesting area is that the AI gave a Gender Bias to Feminine.  Clicking on “Feminine” on the right shows:

Note: We are not linguists, but we find it odd that words related to politeness are chosen as “Feminine.” 

Regenerate Email

You can use this button to create additional options for the email; see this example.

That’s it for today.

More to come soon.



Pricing comes with a few pricing options, one being a FREE-forever option ideal for evaluating the technology.

Free Forever
  • 100 credits (1 credit = 10 words or 1 prospect lookup)

  • 1 outbound campaign type

  • 50+ AI Toolkit templates


Everything in Free, plus:

  • $29/month, billed annually
  • 2,000 credits per month
  • Unlimited numbers of campaigns
  • 50+ campaign workflow templates
  • A/B Testing
Small Business Plan

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Pricing not provided
  • 5 to 9 team members
  • 2,000 credits per member per month
  • 1 shared team workspace
  • Team-wide content management system
  • Sales platform integration
  • Onboarding support and setup with a Customer Success Manager
  • Pricing not provided
  • 10+ Team members
  • Unlimited credits
  • Enterprise Content Management System for all teams
  • Campaign and document performance insights
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Quarterly Business Report, Single Sign-On (SSO) and more Pricing

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