O que é o Channel Partner Enablement e as Chaves para o Sucesso com Ele?

What is channel partner enablement?Do you go to market through partners? If you do, you need to be aware of, and implement, a channel partner enablement strategy for your company.

In organizations running sales enablement, the channel is often overlooked, or at least under-supported. Partner enablement is the solution.

For businesses using Revenue Enablement, the channel should be included by default. However, in many cases, these Revenue Enablement team will have a team within it focused exclusively on the channel.

In either case, in this article, we will discuss what channel enablement is and how to implement it well.

What is channel partner enablement?

Partner enablement, or channel partner enablement, is the process of enabling your channel partners to fully understand your solutions, the challenges they solve, and when to sell them to their customers.

The approaches are very different than what you would typically apply to internal teams, because:

  • Your channel partners are often selling from multiple vendors, oftentimes your competitors.
  • Partners do not work for you; you can’t force them to take specific training or pay attention to your offerings. You have to find ways to grab their attention.

What skills should your partner enablement manager have?

The fact that channel partners don’t work for your company requires channel partner enablement managers to be excellent communicators and relationship builders.

And that’s in addition to the skills they need to have simply to do standard sales or revenue enablement. Those skills include:

  • Cinco ou mais anos de experiência em marketing de conteúdo, capacitação de vendas, operações de vendas ou desenvolvimento de vendas
  • Excelente gerenciamento de conteúdo, criação de conteúdo, desenvolvimento de conteúdo e habilidade de redação
  • Experiência na criação de conteúdo de treinamento de vendas e programas de treinamento, especialmente com vendedores de treinamento e coaching ou outras equipes voltadas para o cliente.
  • Experiência em ministrar treinamento de vendas dirigido por instrutores.
  • Profunda experiência com pelo menos uma ferramenta de vendas Enablement e a solução de gerenciamento de relacionamento com o cliente (CRM) que você está utilizando.
  • Ability to interpret insights from data, having strong analytical skills, and an ability to balance data-driven and user-provided feedback AND the ability to partner with sales operations to further operationalize a data-driven approach.

What is the average Partner Enablement Manager salary?

Nos Estados Unidos, de acordo com Glassdoor, the average salary of Partner Enablement Managers is $134,551. This is nearly $30,000 higher than the average Sales Enablement Manager according to Glassdoor.

O que é o Channel Partner Enablement e as Chaves para o Sucesso com Ele?

Of course, the average Partner Enablement Manager salary varies across the globe. At the time of this writing, per Glassdoor, here are the average base salaries for several locations across the globe.

  • Canada: CA$84,654 per year.
  • United Kingdom: £52,992 per year
  • India: ₹482,942 per year (nearly doubling in two years).

Defining and Deploying Your Channel Partner Enablement Tech Stack

For the sake of this article, we are assuming you already have core sales systems in place.

We will focus instead on the content portions of your channel partner enablement tech stack.

Content Management and Delivery Tools

When supporting the channel, the big technology headache is the licensing models used by most Enablement vendors. Therefore, we are focused on recommending solutions that have an essentially no-cost-for-partner approach to the channel.

In this case, we recommend Enable.us, where we see customers have tremendous success using the Enable Digital Sales Room as a collaboration room for engaging with their partners. Not only does it work well, but the partner users access the deal room without needing a license for Enable, making this the most scalable solution available for partners.


Salas Digitais de VendasCapacidades sólidas, conteúdo dinâmico (opcionalmente), segurança, chat/conversation capabilities.
Reprodução de conteúdoBásico, sem anotações ou notas
BuscaTítulo, Descrição
RelatórioOs vendedores podem usar os relatórios para identificar o envolvimento do cliente, identificar a quem se dirigir e o que discutir.
Integrações de e-mailGmail* (novo, mas não testado por nossa equipe)
Integrações de CRMSalesforce, Hubspot (* Somente a preços de Plano de Crescimento)
Fixação de preçosPlano de partida
- Armazenamento ilimitado de conteúdo para docs, vídeos, infográficos, PDFs, etc.
- Gerenciamento de conteúdo, incluindo atributos, controle de versões, permissões, etc.
- Salas Digitais de Vendas
- Rastreamento de engajamento por contato
- Análise da Sala de Vendas

Plano de crescimento
- Integração de CRM (Salesforce & Hubspot)
- Integração de Videoconferência (Zoom & RingCentral)
- Integrações de Repositório de Conteúdo (Google, Microsoft, DropBox)
- Análise de nível de conteúdo
- Compartilhamento de Link de Conteúdo Individual com Métricas de Rastreamento Detalhadas
- Planos de Ação Mútuos
- Ideal para equipes com 3 ou mais usuários

Preços não publicados
- Entrega Personalizada Nome de Domínio
- Gerenciamento de referência
- Sala de Vendas e Plano de Ação Mútuo Templating
- Integrações personalizadas
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Are there any other major differences between channel partner enablement and other types?

The short answer is no.

Other than the differences already covered above, the roles operate in much the same manner.