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Enablement Referências e Histórias de Sucesso

Customers are always looking for proof.  

They may want customer references during the purchase process to be able to read case studies and success stories on your website.

We know revenue leaders often feel the same way about Enablement, which is why we are sourcing these references and success stories for you, from your peers, across the globe.

We have several stories being researched and will continue to update this section as we bring them in.


Treinamento de vendas

Starting a Sales Coaching Program
Referenced Enablement Professional

Pooja Kumar

Pain Point: What did you see in the organization that prompted you to propose coaching?
  • Sales leaders lacked coaching skills.
  • Coaching was not a part of the culture – reviews and giving direction played a bigger role than coaching for success.
  • I noticed even the top sales reps were going through the motions and not hitting their full potential.
Your Business Case: How did you convince leadership to try sales coaching?

I wanted to change the perception of coaching in the Asia Pacific region. It is often seen as a remedial measure; thus, the uptake is lower.

I also wanted to show that with small shifts in approach to conversations and relatively small effort, coaching can make a significant difference in team performance and retention.

I proposed running a pilot program with eight mid-level performing reps over six weeks, and I was the coach.

The Program: What was the program you ran?

We called it the High Po coaching program.

I coached eight sales reps over six weeks, 1 hour a week.

Through this coaching process, I helped them unearth blind spots in approaches, set goals, create a vision, and develop plans to be as successful as they want.

The Results: What happened?

That cohort of reps had an average increase of 92% in their quarter-over-quarter quota achievement.

Four years later, most of them are still with the organization.

Sales managers wanted me to train them on how to coach for performance.

It was the start of my journey in establishing a coaching culture in the org.

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