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What does Modus do?

Modus is sales enablement, simplified.  Sales reps use the platform for easy access to content, buyer engagement tools, and just-in-time learning.  Marketers distribute their content in a way that is relevant to selling situations.  Both direct sales and dealer/distributor reps become more confident to engage with buyers in a meaningful way.

Perceptive data provides a depth of insights for continuous improvement to advance every deal. Many companies including AT&T, Caterpillar, Toro, and others, choose Modus as the way to distribute, consume, and share content. 

Modus is a simple yet sophisticated way for sales and marketing teams to collaborate on achieving higher win rates and inspired customers.

Casos de Uso Primário:

Seller efficiency – PRODUCT: Modus

  • Seller’s ability to find just what they need to engage buyers through intuitive streaming-like content ribbons and Google-like search, significantly reducing pre-meeting prep time.
  • Smart categories deliver the most viewed and engaged content based on peer and customer engagement.
  • Sellers receive an easy access to their most recently viewed and favorite content.

Seller effectiveness – PRODUCT: Modus, Lead Capture

  • Tell the right story to a buyer through relevant content and delivery.
  • Receive buyer intent through the measured engagement of curated content.
  • Increase buyer mindshare through easy-to-use digital sales rooms.
  • Gain buyer consensus through cross-functional engagement within digital sales rooms.

Marketing Resource Utilization – PRODUCT: Modus, Virtual Product Tour (VPT)

  • Manage content requests from sales and delivery through an engaging user experience on any device.
  • Marketing content use and insight into content effectiveness through value-based, scoring dashboards.
  • Gain seller mindshare with content promotion, notifications, and collections.

Business Initiative Success – PRODUCT: Modus, Virtual Product Tour, Micro-Learning

  • Deliver Go-to-market programs, product launches, and field campaigns through content collections and best practice categorization.
  • Reinforce sales process, sales training, onboarding, and retention/expansion with the same user experience that drives seller efficiency and effectiveness.

Enablement technology ROI – PRODUCT: MODUS, Virtual Product Tour, Micro-Learning, Lead Capture

  • The Modus platform is designed to be highly adaptoble with little to no training. We deliver the highest value to cost ratios in the industry.
  • Integrations with content management, CRM, and marketing automation systems reinforce ROI for all sales and marketing systems.

Modus FAQs

What is Modus?

Modus is sales enablement, simplified.  Sales reps use the platform for easy access to content, buyer engagement tools, and just-in-time learning.  Marketers distribute their content in a way that is relevant to selling situations.  Both direct sales and dealer/distributor reps become more confident to engage with buyers in a meaningful way.

What integrations does Modus have?

Integrações:  Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Box

Who is the CEO of Modus?

Orrin Broberg

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Modus?

Modus was incorporated in 2013.  The initial product vision focused on manufacturing dealers and distributors, and then grew into medical device companies.  As a result, today over 40% of the current install base is in the Industrial Manufacturing vertical and over 30% in Medical devices and Pharma.  The remaining install base is primarily B2B technology. 

What are the secondary verticals supported by Modus?

Modus has gone through an investment shift and product transformation in 2021.  As a result, Modus is now addressing companies with business-to-business sales organizations that range from 50 to 1000 direct sellers and any sized dealer/distributor modeled business.

What is the average size of Modus customers in terms of revenue?

Modus serves companies from small businesses with $8M annual revenue as well as multi-billion-dollar companies such as AT&T, Caterpillar, and more.   Average revenue from our customers is in excess of $600M annually.

What is the average size of Modus customers in terms of headcount?

Average 4,000 direct employees (range from 50 to 250,000).   Average 500 sellers (range 10 to 20,000 sellers).

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Resposta da empresa às nossas perguntas

Why Buy

Por que os clientes compram de você?

With Modus’ legacy product offering and value proposition, customers valued a white label mobile app that delivered online/offline content mostly to indirect sellers.

With our updated offering in 2021 and new approach to the market, customers purchase us for 2 main reasons…

  1. To drive meaningful engagements between their sellers and buyers through digital content delivery and collaboration. Buyers can digitally engage, which maps to todays’ buying trends. Sellers receive intent signals from that digital engagement and analytics informing deal progression.
  2. To simplify their enablement program distribution through a user experience that requires no training and promotes adoption.
Quando eles vão com um concorrente, por que eles fazem essa escolha?

There are customers that require an enablement solution with a significant level of capability and customized delivery. The more complex the organization, product line and abundance of resources, the greater need for a more feature deep solution.

O que o torna diferente das outras soluções?

The Modus platform provides only those features that are critical to distribute assets, for end users to consume and share and for leadership to measure. The result is …

  1. A simplified experience for all stakeholder users.
  2. High adoption rates.
  3. Reduced total cost of ownership and more obvious return on investment.

DEIB (Diversidade, Equidade, Inclusão e Pertencência)

O que o negócio está fazendo para melhorar o DEIB na organização, da linha de frente para a mesa executiva até a sala de reuniões?

No response.

Análise Trust Enablement

How did Modus’s Product Do?

Modus achieved a rating of “Nível 3: Informativo" com base no índice, ou seja:

  • Pode vincular o uso do conteúdo a uma conta/problema/etapa específica e fornecer atribuição de receita a seu uso.
  • Pode ser capaz de medir o impacto do conteúdo sobre:
    • Velocidade do estágio de negociação
    • Saída do estágio de negociação %
    • Velocidade geral do negócio
    • Taxa de vitória
  • Pode identificar o conteúdo que nunca está sendo usado em acordos.


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