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Powerful steps for starting a sales enablement career

Are you interested in starting a sales enablement career? It’s a growing field, with tons of enablement job openings, and it’s growing in strategic importance.

Let’s explore:

  • Where can I start looking for roles in Enablement?
  • What should you highlight on your resume?
  • Interview questions you should prepare to answer.
  • A story from a first-time Enabler – Katie Williams shares her story of starting a sales enablement career.

Where can I start looking for roles in Enablement?

In addition to Trust Enablement, you should review LinkedIn and Indeed as many opportunities are always listed on those sites.

And finally, if you are looking for a recruiter that knows the Enablement space, check out EnableMatch; they are focused exclusively on the Enablement profession.

What should you highlight on your resume?

Enablement is complex, requiring a mix of left and right-brained approaches – part logic and part emotion and empathy.

Focus on the logic and metrics first

Your resume should highlight how your prior roles helped the company achieve its business goals.

We know this is not always possible. However, think about how your work led to more sales, reduced the cost of doing business, helped satisfy customers, or increased the performance of customer-facing teammates.

The critical point is to demonstrate you understand that the work you do is meant to positively impact business outcomes, not simply to complete a task.

Discuss the emotional and empathetic aspects where possible

This is less important than the outcomes above, but great Enablement Professionals are often good at their roles because they want to help teammates succeed.

What have you done in the past to help teammates achieve their goals?

Interview Tips and Interview Questions You Should Prepare to Answer.

We have no idea what your interviewees have on their list of planned questions. However, We do know that the following questions often appear in Enablement interviews.

Interview Questions

What is Sales Enablement?

We will award 10 points to your favorite Harry Potter house if you use our definition of Sales Enablement:

Sales Enablement is the process that supports sellers with training and content to help them guide buyers through the sales funnel.

The interviewer probably won’t care about that, though.

Just keep it simple and help them understand that you see it as using content, training, coaching, and other tactics to aid your customer-facing teams in selling more.

What have you done to help the sales team in previous roles?

We touched upon this for your resume; bring these stories to life during the interview.

What’s the most important thing for sellers to know about Enablement?

How will you explain your role to the teams you support?

A first-time Enabler shares her story

[buzzsprout episode=’8351217′ player=’true’]

Katie Williams joined The Collaborator to share why and how she transitioned into Enablement and her first four months since starting a sales enablement career.

She shared how her interest was piqued when she had the opportunity to be involved in non-L&D projects in her previous job.

  • Her manager was out, and she was asked to step up into a broader role.
  • She became involved in metrics, strategies, and technologies and fell in love.

Katie also discussed her job-hunting journey and how she approached the first four months of this new career.

  • Enablement means different things in different companies; you need to dig into each opportunity to understand the role in that company.
  • She shared her outreach across the community, noting the number of supportive enablers who provided her with rich insight.
  • Continue to network in the community, and people want to help.
  • She focused on updating her resume to spotlight metrics and outcomes from her former learning jobs, which had been less focused on those outcomes.

If you are considering starting a sales enablement career, you should give a listen and follow Katie’s advice.

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