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Plutio Review – What You Need To Know (2023)

Plutio helps solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners create proposals, send contracts, manage tasks and projects, track time, communicate with clients, and get paid.

Our Video Review

We created this Plutio Review video with Loom.

Who Should use Plutio?

Small consulting businesses with fewer than 50 employees will benefit from the all-in-one solution.

Yes, larger companies can also leverage Plutio and do so successfully.  However, beyond 50 employees, we recommend moving to to scale your work management efforts.

Discount Codes

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Plutio Walkthrough and Review

You can begin your journey with Plutio by taking advantage of their 7-day-free-trial. 

The best part?  No credit card is required.

And, when you first log in, they ask you if you want to start with test data or an empty site.

Start with test data to better understand how to take full advantage of the platform.

Your Home Page

The home page is a helpful dashboard that gives you a complete view of your consulting business.

Your Plutio dashboard

While this is not your entire dashboard, it’s larger than we wanted to screenshot, and it gives you an excellent overview of proposals, invoices, open tasks, and projects.

Note: The dashboards could be improved if they allowed users to drill down into the underlying data.  This is not yet supported.


When you navigate to Projects in the left-hand nav, the solution includes one project, your Onboarding Checklist.

Your Project page

Click on the onboarding checklist project, as the team at Plutio has provided you with what you need to know to get started.

Your onboarding checklist

Each task in this project includes the information you need to know to succeed with Plutio.

Select the “Learn the basics” task, and the tray on the right shows you helpful instructions (text, images, and videos).

The Learn the Basics task.

Note:  We recommend you take the time to complete these tasks.  It will give you the information you need to maximize your solution use.

Add Items to Plutio

In the upper right menu, click on the down arrow next to the green “New” button.

Adding New items to Plutio

You can see that Plutio is not only a task management and work system; it truly is a complete system for any small consulting business.

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What is Plutio?

Plutio is an all-in-one business management platform designed for freelancers, solopreneurs, real estate agents, and small businesses.

Where is Plutio‘s Headquarters?

London, England, United Kingdom

When was Plutio Founded?


Who is the CEO of Plutio?

Leo Bassam

Plutio Review – Pricing 








Price not provided

Key definitions for the pricing.

  • Contributors are custom user roles, such as teammates, contractors, managers or any other role you may need. Each custom role can have its own permission level.
  • Clients are technically contributors but they don’t count towards the plan’s contributors limit. However, unlike the fully customizable contributors’ custom role, clients have limited permissions and access.
  • You can invite and collaborate with as many clients on the Studio, Agency, and Enterprise plans, and can invite up to 3 on the Solo plan.
  • Each plan has a different limit on the number of active contributors, check the pricing table (below) above for the limit.

Plutio Pricing

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