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Picrew クリ エイ ター – Bringing fun to your social media

Do you want to add some fun and personality to your workplace? If so, you should check out Picrew.

Picrew is a website where you can create custom avatars with ease, and you use Picrew Maker to create an avatar that looks just like you, or you can get creative and come up with something unique!

And once your avatar is created, you can save it and use it in all of your social media marketing efforts.

What is Picrew クリ エイ ター?

Picrew is a Japanese web-based application that has grown popular with some audiences, especially younger, tech-savvy women.

Your employees, or perhaps your customers, may be familiar with the technology, perhaps fans, and learning how to use Picrew could help you make a connection.

The team at Picrew Me has this simple message in it’s about the screen:

“Picrew is an image-maker platform where you can “make an image-maker with your own illustrations” and “play with the image-maker you made.””

How to Use Picrew Maker – クリ エイ ター

To use Picrew Maker, all you need to do is open your favorite web browser and navigate to; you’ll see something like this.

Fortunately, my Chrome browser offers to translate to English as my Japanese is rusty, and you will now see this:

Click on “Agree and play.”

Now, let’s create your Avatar

On the main screen, click on the Picrew Creator – (クリ エイ ター) link to see the Login and Register page. Click on “sign up,” and you’ll see the following.

Just register by one of these means.

You will be sent an Activation email; use the link to take you to this page.

Let’s create our avatar by clicking on “Create an image-maker”, then this page is displayed.

Now select “+Make an image-maker”.

You will be asked to name your avatar; I went with “The Joker”, we are having fun here.

Hit register, and we now see this:

Let’s create our avatar.

Select Edit to add a description. I set my Picrew avatar description to:

“The Joker enjoys all things related to go-to-market fun and games.”

and set a couple of tags and added my standard headshot.

Now play away and be creative to create the avatar of your dreams.

Video Walkthrough

Want to see an even deeper dive of Picrew 画像 メーカー?


Pros of this online avatar maker

If you are into this style of graphics, layered paper dolls, and want to create avatars based on this design type, you’ll find the product fun to use.

Users can show off their own design style, share their creations with other users, friends, and others via the website, or download and use them for their social media fun.

Cons of this product

How is your Japanese?

Thankfully, most web browsers will seamlessly display English, so language is not an issue.

The simple interface is easy to navigate but could benefit from fewer screens.

Picrew Alternatives

We have also evaluated Colorcinch, previously named Cartoonize, for its Avatar generator.

Note: This is not a paper-doll style avatar maker — just an avatar maker.

Also note:  It’s FREE to use, just navigate to this URL to create your Avatar.

While more limited than Picrew, its ease of use will be appealing to many.

With Colorcinch, you pick a Male or Female option and are then taken to this type of interface.

Colorcinch Avatar Generator

You customize your face, and can then download or share it with others.

Colorcinch Avatar

Our Take

If you market or sell to an audience that loves digital paper doll games, you need to take advantage of this free application (both for your own fun) and create a great customer experience for your audience.

Check it out.

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