nTask Review – Everything You Need To Know (June 2022)


Walkthrough of nTask

Anyone familiar with project management tools will find comfort in a familiar look and feel when they first log in to nTask.

The nTask User Interface

For this walkthrough, let’s create a simple project following project management best practices.

We start by navigating to the Project menu option in the left-hand menu.

Simply click on the “Add New” button, choose Project, and a new dialog will appear to name the project.

Create Project Dialog

As you create your project, note that:

  • The project description field can contain rich text as well as videos and images.
  • You can assign a color to your project to help it stand out and be more easily recognized in the user interface.
  • Project Status, including Not Started, In Progress, On. Hold, Completed, and Cancelled, are set.


There are a number of powerful capabilities exposed to you at the project level, let’s look at the next screen that shows up while creating a project and explore these features.

The Project Edit screen within nTask

Is This a Billable Project?

Critical for services organizations.

Custom Fields

When you click on the Add/Edit Field option you’ll be impressed by the number of field types you can add to any project, including:

  • Single line text
  • Multiple line text
  • Dropdown
  • Checklist
  • Date
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Files/media
  • Website URL
  • People/Person
  • Number
  • Money
  • Rating
  • Section
  • Location
  • Formula
  • Country

And, when you create a new custom field, you can choose if it’s available to a single workspace or all.

This, of course, allows you to re-use the same custom fields on all projects, just a few, or simply this one.

Resources, Tasks, Milestones, and Financial Summary

Project basics you don’t need me to explain.

Live Chat

Along the top right of the project screen, you see a series of icons, one of them is for live chat.

Live chat

This is a great way to drive real-time project conversations and is especially helpful for any project manager that finds them struggling to herd cats and gather project updates.


Project documents like specs, requirements, and so forth, can easily be added.

Audit Trail

Anyone who has ever run a project knows it’s easy to lose track of updates, the audit trail helps everyone keep up to date on what’s being updated or changed in their peroject.

Other Key Capabiities

Kanban boards, tasks, meetings, time sheets, issues, and risks.

These are a handful of other areas of nTask you can reach via the left-hand menu.

Who Should Use nTask?

Anyone performing billable, client-facing work, should consider nTask.

With support for timesheets, meeting coordination, financial tracking, and other key capabilities related to client work, this is a solid solution for you to consider.


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Where is nTask’s Headquarters?

Irvine, California, United States

Who is the CEO of nTask?

Fawad Ansari is the co-founder



nTask comes with three pricing plans:  Premium, Business, and Enterprise.

It is worth noting that the website refers to a fourth plan, Basic, which is a lower level than Premium, but we could not find pricing information on this plan.

Note: Premium and Business plans offer a 7-day free trial.


Pricing starts at $3/month when paid annually, and $4/month when billed monthly.

For individuals or teams just getting started with project management.


Pricing starts at $8/month when paid annually, and $12/month when billed monthly.

For teams that need to create projects and plans with confidence.


For teams that need customizations, enterprise-grade security, and advanced features.


nTask Pricing


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