Negative selling is a symptom of poor training and coaching

I am growing concerned about the rise in negative selling.

Due to too much pressure, too little education, and support, this trend negatively impacts business performance and the mental health of both buyers and sellers.

Will you join me in making a stand against it?

What is negative selling?

Negative selling is a sales approach that creates fear and uncertainty on the buyer’s part, often by providing inaccurate or misleading information about competitors or business situations.

This approach often results from a lack of competitive differentiators, poor training on the part of sellers, or a lack of generally available information on the part of buyers.

What is negative reverse selling?

Negative reverse selling applies reverse psychology to your sales pitch, with the seller tricking the buyer into explaining why they need the product.

Sandler Selling created this technique.

Negative reverse selling is not the same as negative selling but is covered here as the terms confuse sellers.

Why is this a terrible technique?

The approach can leave buyers, customers, partners, and employees with a bad taste in their mouth for the company.

This can lead to lower win rates and higher customer and employee churn.

While the techniue can, at times, work for a business. But the short-term gain that occurs in particular scenarios will generally lose out to the impacts mentioned above.

How do you ensure your reps don’t use these techniques?

Poor training, confusion,bad leadership, and high pressure are leading causes for this illness.

Solve these problems by:

  • Train and coach your teams to understand WHY your customers buy from you, the issues they are solving, and the value you create when you sell to them.
    • Ensure you add a solution like e4enable to your stack to ensure the training is not just being learned but that the impact of the training is resulting in positive organizational change and more revenue.
    • Companies with fewer than 500 employees should use Trainual as their training solution.
    • Companies with more than 500 employees should look to TalentLMS as their training solution.
  • Ensure they understand what differentiates your solutions from your competitors.
  • Educate your teams on proper messaging that avoids negative selling.
  • Focus your culture and rewards systems around winning using positive sales approaches.
  • Use a win-loss interview process with the buyers to get their feedback on the buying journey.

Don’t let this technique into your business.

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