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Managing Content Recommendations in Data Dwell

Data Dwell is built natively inside of Salesforce, and it’s not surprising that managing content recommendations in Data Dwell are in Salesforce. Thankfully, you don’t need a separate application to manage this process.

For this article, I am using two demo accounts that Data Dwell provided, along with plenty of sample content, to ensure a meaningful review is possible.

The Sales Content Management System

Inside of Salesforce, we can click on the Sales Enablement tab to access the content management area.

Note that familiar file and folder structure is standard in most operating systems and content management solutions.

You can navigate the folder structure, of course, but it starts to get interesting when you begin selecting files in the content area. I chose three, then clicked upon the Position tool in the upper right-hand corner to start bulk changing meta-data. As someone that has had to do this exercise in other systems can attest, this is a significant time-saver for an Enablement team.

Note that the Position popup opens and you can, as we indicated, begin bulk updating content attributes.

You can configure many attributes, all customizable, ranging from content names and descriptions to field properties on the Salesforce records

In other words, if you want the Automation Additional Information asset to show up when in the Data Collection Onboarding stage, select the box and save the update.

Managing Content Recommendations in Data Dwell

To demonstrate that everything is configurable, I’ll jump into the second demo instance I have access to use.

Let’s begin by reviewing an opportunity currently in the Qualification stage.

Note that we see the McMahon Associates Inc Case Study and summary data about its usage.

As the Enablement Manager, we decide to add the Hunterlodge case study for use in this stage.

Navigate to the Sales Enablement tab, select that case study, and choose the Position tool. Add Qualification and Save.

Now, let’s jump back to the same opportunity and, Voila!  There’s our content — the Hunterlodge case study for this example.

Recommendations based upon Enabler administration can be a challenge with hundreds of pieces of content, but the bulk management tools in Data Dwell make it manageable.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) would be helpful, but the truth is few solutions are meeting this need today.

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