Landingi Review – What You Need to Know (June 2022)

Landingi currently ranks at the top of our list overall of all landing page builders.  While others are stronger in specific areas, this product is great overall and comes in at a budget-friendly price.

Brief Video Review

Video created with Loom.

Landingi Review

Creating a simple landing page

The Landingi user interface is straightforward — we simply click into the landing page section and click on the big blue “Create new landing page” button and see this.

We will start with one of the customizable templates — so we click that button.

With so many attractive templates to choose from, we decide to use the simple newsletter template.

Selecting our template

The editor then shows, which allows you to create and edit the page to your heart’s content.

The landing page builder

Now, with this landing page editor you can leverage these key features:

  • Drag and drop elements onto the canvas — or drag and drop them around the canvas.
  • Leverage dynamic text replacement (see the [Company Name] field in the blue box for an example).
  • Insert videos, images, text, or raw HTML.
  • Preview the output as it would show up on the desktop or mobile phone.
  • Take advantage of a clean user interface to be up and running quickly.

We made almost no changes and published it here.

See the publishing options screen:

publishing options

You can publish directly to a WordPress site, on a web server, or to Shopify.

We could use this as part of our sales funnel, to gather leads via our marketing campaigns, etc.

The Landing Pages Section

When we first log in to Landingi, we are presented with a clean user interface showing us all of our current landing pages.

I’ve been creating so many landing pages in the tool that I’m happy to spend 30 minutes with anyone who does buy Landingi via my affiliate link.  It’s not hard, but I know I can get you started faster.  If you want to take advantage of this offer, just leave a comment after you buy Landingi and we can set up a time for that overview.

Let me quickly explain the primary areas you see above.

The Listing Page

As noted previously, this is where all of your landing pages are displayed.  You can archive pages, group them together for organization, and when you hover over a specific landing page, a set of menu options is displayed.

  • Edit – Opens the editor (I’ll show you this below.
  • Dashboard – An overview report which I’ll show below.
  • Leads – Who’s filled out the form?
  • Three-Button Menu – The kitchen sink with the following options
    • Duplicate – Create a copy.
    • Rename – Change the name of the current form.
    • Preview – Opens a new tab with a preview of the current landing page.
    • Optimization – This is where you can set up A/B testing and 15 other tools to refine your landing pages.
    • Publishing Options – Show above, but allows you to determine where to publish your page.
    • Page Insider – An AI-driven analyzer capable of helping you improve upon your design and copy.  It uses insights gathered from the Landingi team to help you improve pages without first spending hours/days/weeks testing it in the wild. 
    • Download – This allows you to download this page into a Landingi-specific format you can share with other users.
    • Archive – Push the page to the archive
Editing Our Landing Pages

Let’s open the example page I created to compare hosting providers — you can view it here if you want to see it live.

When the editor opens this page, we see the following.

Landing Page Builder Checklist

Notice in the bottom left of the screen, the landing page builder provides us with a checklist — a nice reminder of landing page best practices.

Editing Page and Element Attributes

All of this happens to the right, and almost everything is editable.  At the page level, which is shown above, you can set critical SEO elements, provide a favicon, and a variety of other things you would expect for the page itself.

And, as we move through the page, interacting or adding elements, this automatically updates to reflect our current selection.

Viewing in other modes

At the top of the page, you see familiar icons which allow you to toggle the editor between desktop and mobile views.

And, as an example of the mobile view for this page, here is what I see.

Components For The Page

On the left side of the editor, the familiar components can be found and dragged onto the page.  This includes text, images, forms, Paypal and Stripe buttons, HTML, buttons, and so on.

Additional Options

When you click on the Landingi icon in the upper left, you see links to:

  • The dashboard for this page.
  • A/B testing
  • JavaScript code (you can add code to any page).
  • Settings
  • Back to the main listing of landing pages.

Your Dashboard

This provides you access to the landing page tools that are not available in the editor, as well, of course, to your dashboard for this page.

I ran a tiny bit of ad traffic to this page to demonstrate the dashboard.

The other controls allow you to specify JavaScript to add to the page, an infobar which is sticky at the bottom of your landing page, and other settings.

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    What is Landingi?

    Landingi is an everyday marketing platform to run marketing campaigns with landing pages independently.

    Where is Landingi’s Headquarters?

    Gliwice, Slaskie, Poland

    When was Landingi Founded?

    Landingi was founded in 2013

    Is Landingi a Public or Private company?

    Landingi is privately-held.

    How much money has Landingi raised?

    Landingi has raised $260K

    What integrations does Landingi have?

    Landingi has more than 40 integrations.

    Who is the CEO of Landingi?

    Błażej Abel

    Does Landingi integrate with Google Analytics?

    Yes, this helpful article explains the process to integrate with Google Analytics.


    The product has four paid plans and includes a 14-day free trial.


    For those who start their journey with landing pages and need an easy-to-use and intuitive editor.

    • $29/month
    • Unlimited conversions
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • 1,000 unique visits/month
    • 1 custom domain + SSL

    For business owners and smaller companies to build high-converting campaigns that increase sales.

    • $65/month
    • Unlimited conversions
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • Free migration service
    • 20,000 unique visits/month
    • 2 custom domains + SSL

    For marketing pros to automate processes and boost conversions at all levels of the customer journey.

    • $89/month
    • Unlimited conversions
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • Free migration service
    • 40,000 unique visits/month
    • 4 custom domains + SSL

    For agencies, integrators, and resellers to launch offers and scale customer service.

    • $109/month
    • Unlimited conversions
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • Free migration service
    • 50,000 unique visits/month
    • 5 custom domains + SSL
    • Unlimited subaccounts
    • White Label option

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