Klenty Review – What You Need To Know (May 2022)

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What does Klenty do?

Think of Klenty as your Sales Execution Engine- suddenly, your followups become systematic. Your task list only contains high-value actions which open conversations. Your emails guarantee opens and clicks, and more calls connect than ever before. Your inboxes are full of replies, and your AEs are flooded with demos and meetings booked. Your updated CRM data reflects the success of your sales team, quarter after quarter.



What is Klenty?

Think of Klenty as your Sales Execution Engine- suddenly, your followups become systematic.

Where is Klenty’s Headquarters?

Palo Alto, California, United States

When was Klenty Founded?

Klenty was founded in 2015

Who is the Founder of Klenty?

Vengat Krishnaraj

What integrations does Klenty have?

Klenty integrates with many popular CRMs including Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zoho — and with email platforms Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

Latest Blog Content

  • by Subhash Bhaskaran
    We all know that Linkedin is the Mecca, the el dorado, and the gold mine to find prospects which is why you have to be very careful about your outreach message. People on Linkedin are often on it to network and find jobs, not to be sold to like they’re at a trade show. So […]
  • by Ashitha Jayaprakash
    “Hi, my name is Edward, and I work for Telly, Inc. Would you be interested in purchasing a satellite phone?” If only introducing yourself in a sales email was that easy. Sure. It might work face-to-face. But, over an icy-cold sales email? No. Your sales email introduction is your hook. Like you’d see in articles […]
  • by Rochana Mohan
    Let us set the scene for you. The last few niceties are done, and you end the call with a prospect. The silence after long hours of conversation feels deafening. And while you’ve kept your emotions in check, you can feel the adrenaline catching up to you. It makes sense you would be feeling this […]
  • by Ashok Kammara
    Data protection isn’t just an introductory video that everybody watches. It’s a consistent commitment to protecting sensitive information. That’s why Klenty is proud to announce that we are now SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. As a sales engagement platform, we handle a lot of your sensitive information. From full names to email addresses, sometimes even […]
  • by Krithika Raj
    Booking meetings are the core of any outreach process. When you strike a connection with a prospect, you exchange a few emails to find an ideal time to meet. But most of the time, you just get stuck between “When are you available?” and “Let’s try next week.” You’ve been through a whirlwind of issues. […]
  • by Ashitha Jayaprakash
    Can you imagine if Ethan Hunt, the 10-minute-breath-holding, the Burj Khalifa-climbing, the helicopter-piloting heartthrob, was not played by Tom Cruise?  We can’t either. Some roles are one of a kind. SDR and account executive roles are, too. Because sales is a lot about the hardcore action sequences – persisting day in and out despite the […]
  • by Krithika Raj
    Running cold email campaigns to cold prospects is not something you decide to start one day and execute the next. While we know everyone wants more leads in the pipeline from day 1, and we totally understand the urgency, in this case, urgency kills! Because you are more likely to stare at one of the […]
  • by Krithika Raj
    ”Pick up the phone and make a call to book more meetings.” While calling is an important channel in any sales outreach, it can be a very trying task; especially when your prospects don’t pick up your calls. There may be various reasons why your prospects don’t answer calls – maybe they’re busy, or maybe […]

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