Klenty Review – What You Need To Know (August 2022)


Klenty Review and Walkthrough

For this walkthrough, we signed up for the free 14-day trial (no credit card required).  If you want, follow along using the free trial as well.

Loading in Contacts

For this walkthrough, let’s begin by loading in and creating a set of contacts.

We start by navigating to the Prospects section, shown here, where I have already added one user.


Your Klenty Contacts

To add another prospect, click on the Add Prospects button.

You’ll be allowed to upload a CSV file or manually create a prospect.  Choose to Create New Prospect.

Create a new prospect

Fill in the fields and select the Create Prospect button.

Your page will refresh the All Prospects page, showing the new prospect like this.

New Prospects Page

Creating A Cadence

We use tools like Klenty to manage outreach to prospects.

We manage this outreach using cadences.

Let’s navigate to the cadence screen by clicking on the paper airplane icon in the left-hand navigation.

Managing cadences in Klenty

You should notice that we already have run a test cadence called “Intrigue” and that Klenty comes with a cadence called “Sample Cadence”.

Open that up and take a look.  Note that it includes everything related to the cadence, from who’s in the cadence, layout, and analytics.

Let’s create a new cadence and walk through the options.

Choose the “Create Cadence” button to get started.

PRO TIP:  Always build out your cadence using a Google doc or similar.  Get it right, and then build it out in the Klenty interface.

A blank create cadence screen

We will assume you built out your cadence in a google doc, as recommended.  Now, add it into Klenty.

Let’s assume your first step is an email to show you how easy it is.  Choose the Add Email link.

Add Email Screen

PRO TIP: You need to build out templates to maintain brand identity.

There are several items worth noting.

  • You can create and use templates.  
  • You can use placeholders which are replaced when the email is sent.  For example, you can click on the Add Placeholder link and insert the “{{FullName}}” placeholder. When the email is sent to a given prospect, Klenty will automatically replace the “{{FullName}}” placeholder with that user’s full name.
  • Send Test Email lets you preview the message before using it as part of the cadence.

Finish loading in the steps of your cadence with calls, emails, and tasks, including social media outreach.

Choose Next.

Naming the cadence

For now:

  • Name the cadence.
  • Select the “Use Prospect’s time zone if available.” checkbox as a best practice.

Choose Next.

Simply follow the flow to add the prospect we created above, and choose the Start Cadence button.

Your email is sent almost immediately.


While this covers the basics of an outreach platform, it’s far from a complete walkthrough of Klenty.  We will come back and add more on administration and best practices soon.

Stay tuned.




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    What is Klenty?

    Think of Klenty as your Sales Execution Engine- suddenly, your followups become systematic.

    Where is Klenty’s Headquarters?

    Palo Alto, California, United States

    When was Klenty Founded?

    Klenty was founded in 2015

    Who is the Founder of Klenty?

    Vengat Krishnaraj

    What integrations does Klenty have?

    Klenty integrates with many popular CRMs including Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zoho — and with email platforms Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

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    Klenty Pricing

    Klenty has three pricing plans, each with annual and quarterly options.  Annual purchasing will save you 22%.

    Klenty is one of the few vendors who run free trials without asking for a credit card.

    We applaud them.

    The product is good, try it, and buy it if it meets your needs.

    The pricing plans are:


    For small teams who are just getting started with sales email outreach.

    $35/user/month when billed annually.

    • Email Cadences
    • Custom Domain Tracking – Create your custom domain link to track email opens and clicks.
    • Random Interval – Automate sending emails at random intervals to prevent coming across as a bot.
    • Intent Score – Measure prospect intent by assigning scores to individual prospect activity and prioritizing them accordingly.
    • Reports
    • API
    • Zapier
    • Gmail Plugin
    • Mail Merge

    For growing teams, scaling outreach with multichannel sales engagement.

    $60/user/month when billed annually.

    • Everything in Startup, plus:
    • Account-based – Categorize prospects based on companies and build hyper-personalized, company-wide strategies.
    • Cadence Playbooks
    • Multichannel Outreach – Emails, calls, LinkedIn, and text messaging.
    • CRM Integrations – Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Hubspot.
    • Hot Prospects – Highlight your most engaged prospects.
    • Website Tracking – Find out which parts of your website prospects are visiting.
    • Slack Integration
    • Video Personalization

    For mature teams who need advanced reporting and access control.

    $100/user/month when billed annually

    • Everything in Growth, plus:
    • IP-based Login Restrictions
    • Customer Success Review
    • Deliverability Reports

    Klenty Pricing

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