Trust Enablement

Improving Sales Performance with Enablement Recruiting, Consulting, Outsourcing, Coaching, and Insights on Strategies, Tactics, and Tools

Need More Consistency from Your Sales Team? You Need Our Sales Improvement Program

Startup executives and small business owners share a set of problems.  They have:

  • Too little time to grow and scale their sales teams
  • A mix of sales reps, some good, some with room for improvement
  • Products and services their teams cannot sell to the level required for their business to grow

If any of these problems sound familiar, you need our help.

Our solution helps sellers improve their skills, become more consistent, and better prepared for every conversation.

You reduce costs, lower risks, and maximize the value of every seller.

For Teams of Up to 10 Sellers

$ 3000 .00

Per Month

  • Monthly sales team improvement reviews
  • Quarterly seller skills assessments
  • Management of content and training assets.
  • Administration of specific sales tools
  • Monthly content development (5 hours/month)
  • 8-8 PM ET weekday support
  • そして、さらに...

なぜTrust Enablementなのか?

Our team has experience deploying and managing seller improvement programs for teams ranging in size from five (5) through fifty thousand (50,000) and more.

You gain access to enterprise-level experience, processes, and tools for a fraction of the cost.

Our Sales Improvement Program 

Our sales improvement program, built on sales enablement best practices and using our standardized and industry-leading approach, is unique.

We take a strategic view, aligning with you on your business goals and dreams, baseline where your team is relative to achieving these goals, and put forth a continuous improvement plan that supports your team while helping them improve.

We manage your sales content and training materials, critical sales support systems in our environment, sales competencies assessments, and reports on the overall tool and asset usage.

The Trust Enablement Sales Improvement Process

Our 4-step process is unique and focuses on your business and team growth and outcomes:

  1. Business Goal Driven – we review your goals monthly to ensure complete alignment.
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis – we identify sales team skills and areas of improvement.
  3. Sales Team Support – we support your sales team, focusing on sales needs and team growth.
  4. Analyze and Improve – Regular review of results at the business and individual level allows you to improve your business and team for the short and long term.
Monthly Sales Team Improvement Reviews

Your competitors are helping their sales teams improve–don’t fall behind.

We will review your team’s skill gaps, insights on using approved sales and training materials, and overall sales performance based on current pipeline and sales conversations.

We will leave this conversation with agreement on the coming month’s plan.

Sales Improvement Tools

We set up your sales improvement solution and manage all aspects–you don’t have to lose any sleep over the technical details.

  • You provide the content you want available to your teams.
  • We manage the content and training in the platform, giving your teams the appropriate access to succeed.
  • We configure the content governance to ensure content is regularly updated, on brand, and accurate.
  • We provide your team with quarterly self-assessments to analyze current weaknesses in their skill sets so you, working with us, can determine how to improve each individual’s performance.
  • We provide up to five (5) hours of monthly content development.

Support is via email or Slack and is available from 8 AM – 8 PM ET, Monday – Friday.  Extended support hours can be provided for an additional charge.

What Are The Costs?

We keep the pricing simple.

  • Up to 10 sales reps: $3000/month
  • You can request custom pricing for sales teams larger than ten (10) additional support or content development hours.

Compare With Other Alternatives

Do Nothing

Additional Annual Cost: $0K

Doing nothing will cost you nothing except for the following:

  • Seller frustration due to lack of tools, supporting content, and training.
  • Prospects and customers will grow frustrated by inconsistent and out-of-date content and messaging and poorly prepared sellers.

While this will not require an investment in consulting, hiring, or software purchases, it will ultimately cost your business.

Trust Enablement Sales Improvement Program

Known Annual Cost: $36K

Investing in your team with Trust Enablement will cost you:

  • $3000/month.

Your team will have access to world-class tools, experienced enablement support, the right content, and training every time.

Your prospects and customers will know they are working with the best company.

Do It Yourself

Minimum Annual Cost: $160K

Building your sales improvement program from scratch for a group of ten (10) sellers or less will require the following:

  • Hire one enablement specialist for around $120k/year (including estimated benefits).
  • Hire a sales coach part-time ($30K/year)
  • Purchase a sales enablement solution (minimum of $10K) with annual support costs.

Your team will have access to world-class tools, experienced enablement support, the right content, and training every time.

Your prospects and customers will know they are working with the best company.

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Outsourcing sales enablement services significantly benefit startups and small businesses. They can focus on growing their businesses by reducing hiring needs, eliminating software costs, and providing access to industry experts.