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フィールド・フォースの有効性は セールスイネーブルメント 成功に導くための戦術やテクニックに重点を置くことである。そのためには、顧客の動機と嗜好を理解し、競争力が成功率にどのような影響を与えるかを理解する必要がある。さらに、フィールドフォースの有効性には、特定の市場セグメントや地域内の利害関係者との関係を構築するための戦略も含まれることが多い。このような戦術を活用することで、製薬会社は顧客によりよくリーチし、売上を増加させることができるのです。

Five Best Practices for Field Force Effectiveness

Assess & Improve Sales Processes

Companies must continually assess and improve their sales processes to ensure they are current with current trends and technologies. This includes assessing customer needs, developing strategies for overcoming competitors’ positions, and effectively utilizing resources.

Develop a Field Force Culture

The culture of the field force should encourage collaboration, innovation, and positive attitudes toward customers. By creating an environment where employees feel supported and appreciated, companies can increase employee engagement, enhancing productivity within the field force team.

Invest in Training & Technology

Pharmaceutical companies must invest in training programs and technology solutions to ensure field force members have the knowledge and tools to perform their job effectively. This may include investing in sales automation, customer relationship management, or performance metrics solutions.

Your field force program must be thoughtfully organized to align with your business goals for maximum value.  Companies that “throw a program together” often negatively impact performance, morale, and business outcomes.

Companies with small sales teams may value our outsourced enablement service to create a solid foundation for the future of their field force effectiveness programs.

Focus on Performance Metrics

Companies should focus on performance metrics when measuring the success of their field force effectiveness efforts. These could include the number of sales made, customer satisfaction scores, revenue generated per team member, or any other metric relevant to the company’s goals.

There are hundreds of potential business metrics to measure.  Start small, iterate, and remain agile.  Consider our definitive guide of metrics as you evaluate your programs.

Monitor & Track Results

Finally, companies should monitor and track results from their Field Force Effectiveness initiatives to assess whether they meet desired outcomes or if adjustments need to be made. Regular feedback loops between teams and stakeholders should be in place to ensure that any changes are being implemented promptly.


これらのField Force Effectiveness戦略を実施することで、製薬会社はチームが成功し、今日のダイナミックな市場で競争力を維持するために必要なトレーニングやリソースをより効果的に装備することができます。これが正しく行われれば、生産性と顧客満足度が向上し、最終的に企業の収益性が高まります。

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